Sunday, December 2, 2012

Baby sleeping through the night = more posts for you.

Guess who has been sleeping through the night? 
Yep. You read right. My darling Emmett has been sleeping through the night for a couple of weeks now. Not only that, but he's also been waking up late- sometimes as late as 10am. 

What, exactly, does this mean for you, my neglected readers? Well... more blog posts, of course! I'm not going to lie. For a few weeks there, life with two under two was getting a little... shall we say, tricky. First of all, my husband was really starting to struggle with some anger and PTSD problems again. Elliot was still barely talking, so we had problems communicating, which was leading to more and more tantrums. Balancing  keeping all three of my men happy, and also still keeping a clean house and cooking phonomenal meals was getting too be almost too much too handle. Almost. 

But thennnn... Emmett started sleeping through the night, Elliot started speech therapy and is therefore learning to communicate more effectively, and my husband finally sought out the professional help that he needed and is now back to being the happy, loving, carefree man that I married.

So I guess you could say life is pretty good for me right now. We've been getting into the holiday spirit! I'm a Christmas FREAK, so, honestly, it would be really tough for me to not be happy this time of year. be continued. :)


  1. Our littel guy is sleeping through the night too!! woooo isn't it awesome? It makes me have so much more energy!! I love the photo him chewing on the lights :)

  2. The photos are gorgeous!
    Yay for a night of uninterupted sleep! xx

  3. So happy you're back!! You've been missed!


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