Thursday, December 6, 2012

Introducing Solids while Breastfeeding

My little sickling yesterday. If I won't give him the boobies, he instead sucks his thumb whenever he's sad or tired. He was doing naked time because he has the worst antibiotic poo... and I don't want his cute little bum to get rashy!

turned seven months old today. SEVEN MONTHS! Can you believe it?? He's still sick, but I think he's starting to feel a little better.

 Although we got off to a rough start, Emmett and I have had a wonderful nursing relationship up until now. He seems completely satisified on breastmilk alone, although he does show interest in "big people" food- he tries to grab anything and everything we're eating, and he enjoys drinking out of our water glasses (with help, of course). 

I enjoy nursing more than I ever thought I would, and I'm in no hurry to stop. For that reason, we still haven't started solids. In fact, other than a few attempts at rice cereal a couple months ago (the doctor had suggested trying it for his reflux... and it just made his spit up chunkier!) he hasn't had anything other than breastmilk.

One of Emmett's 6 month pictures. Better late than never, right?
 Since pediatricians and the AAP reccomend waiting until at least 6 months to start solids, we did. Then his six-month birthday came and passed, and he seemed perfectly content with things the way they were, so we didn't bother starting solids. 

Now that he's 7 months, I thought it was about time. I started doing some reasearch online, and stumbled upon an article that discussed how breastfed babies usually cannot properly absorb iron once they start solids. Also, I was surprised to read that some babies are exclusively breastfed all the way up to their first birthday! I didn't even know that was possible! The article also brought to my attention that starting solids can lead to weaning... and I'm certainly not ready to wean him yet! Admittedly, I haven't done too much reading on the topic up until now. Elliot wasn't able to breastfeed so it wasn't a concern of mine until recently. Now I feel sort of lost... and think I might wait longer to start solids. 

When did you introduce solids? How did it affect your nursing relationship and milk supply? 
Would you do things differently next time?

For old time's sake, I'll leave you with a picture of Elliot trying his first food. Look at that adorable avocado face! :D


  1. We started solids at 6 months, Annamarie was/is a horrible sleeper, so we hoped it would help, yeah did not. But the only thing at that age she liked was mashed up bananas. I had read how they taste and digest very similar to breastmilk, so that's what we did, and she loved it.

    It didn't affect our nursing relationship, she was nursed until 11months when she self-weaned. She was never a big lover of nursing though (like we had to be in a room alone or else she'd stop to pay attention to other things).

    I have a friend who exclusively breastfeeds until a year, and doesn't introduce solids until a year, so it is totally possible :)

  2. Since you my experience...if you breast feed first and feed solids second, you won't have as big of a weaning problem.
    I love this website for tips,
    especially since they have a baby led weaning section, which is what I did and totally recommend.
    My baby is almost 16m old and I still breast feed him and hope to do so until he is 2. There are lot of moms who believe in extended breast feeding for health and emotional reasons.

  3. Sorry, didn't see the exclusively part in your post about bfing for a year

  4. With Easton, he was exclusively breastfed up until about 6 1/2 months. I introduced solids when he was 5 months, and he had no interest whatsoever. So I backed off. Tried again around 6 1/2 months and he seemed more "ready". So we just kinda went with it. I didn't notice that the solid baby food was effecting our nursing relationship at all. He still nursed and ate baby food with no trouble. I actually weaned him last week (he's a little over 8 months now) and he has done fine with the transition. He's still getting breast milk (I had a big frozen supply) and he's eating baby food regularly. It all worked out!

  5. I highly recommend looking into babyled weaning. We did it with both kids and Jack nursed until he was 3.5 and Ava is still nursing at 17 months. I honestly haven't met anyone who nurses and has had a problem with their baby weaning because of solids. Their interest in nursing might go down at first, but as long as you keep offering, they will keep nursing. I do recommend at least offering solids for him to explore at this age.

  6. I haven't introduced even cereal yet but he just turned 4 months, I have a feeling we will try rice cereal in the next few weeks after his 4 month checkup since he is throwing up alot, hopefully it doesn't make it chunkier but glad I read this to be prepared for a chunky spit up lol!!

  7. Missed seeing these sweet faces!

    We started solids just before he turned six months but it didn't affect my supply or tempt him to wean at all. Every babe is different though right? Just take it day by day I guess :)

  8. We have decided to offer him solids and see how he reacts. If he seems to love them, sure, I'll continue to keep offering. If not, I'll listen to his cues and back off a little. I guess he shouldn't miss out on the opportunity to taste and experience new things just because of my own selfish wants, lol.

  9. Let me just say, again, how happy I am that you are blogging again, Jess!
    I think it's awesome you want to continue breastfeeding and offering breastmilk as the primary source of your baby's nutrition for the first year of life. Regarding baby cereals, please read the link below. There is a great deal of research out now that supports how important it is to nurture a baby's tiny immature gut. I agree with babyled weaning too!

  10. Ethan started solids between 4-5 months, but he wasn't breastfed, so, I can't help there. :(


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