Monday, December 17, 2012

Elliot's Birthday Party

I always feel a little bad for winter babies {having been one myself} because the party options are so limited. We moved a lot when I was growing up, yet we still never once lived anywhere where it was warm enough for me to have a party outside- and my birthday is in November, which is just the beginning of winter.

Poor Elliot was born smack in the middle of winter AND only a week from Christmas. It is improtant to us, though, that we still celebrate and make sure he has a very special birthday every year. Yesterday, a lot of kids were sick and couldn't make it to his party, but we can't complain too much because here in Texas it was 70 degrees and we were able to have his party at the park!

It was a Mickey Mouse themed party, because Elliot is pretty much obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We were working with a small budget {another downside to having your birthday so close to Christmas!} but at this age, he could have honestly cared less about the decorations. He did LOVE his cupcakes and his Mickey Mouse balloons, though. And he had an absolute blast- and that's all that really matters.

 When we first got there, all he wanted to do was eat the cupcakes. He made several attempts to run off with them and stole a few Mickey Mouse ears.

Then when it was FINALLY cupcake time, it was all we could do to drag him from the playground. He had a blast blowing out the candle (multiple times) BUT barely ate any of his cupcake. Instead, he insisted on having a fork and feeding frosting to his friends...

We are lucky to have such wonderful, generous friends. Elliot received a ton of great gifts... and looking at them all strewn across the floor this morning has made it clear that it's time for me to get him the toy organizer I've been eying for awhile now. That way we have a specific spot for all of his different kinds of toys- little people, play food, puzzles, blocks, balls, cars, etc. We've been using a bin organizer, but since he can't see inside he dumps them. 

This one:

A few more pictures:


  1. That looks like a fun party!!! Happy 2nd Birthday Elliot!!

    Allen is having a Mickey Mouse Carnival Party! Boys and their Mickey!

  2. We are having a Mickey party, too. :) My mom got Ethan that bin organizer for Christmas, and while I'm looking forward to it, I have no clue where we're going to put it in this house. Yikes.

  3. Thank you for inviting us! T and I both enjoyed it!!!

    My mom got T that organizer for Christmas last year!!!

  4. It looks like he had a blast at his party! He is just too cute for words. I really dislike that C's birthday is so close to Christmas, but like you, I am determined to make sure to always celebrate them SEPERATE. I was discussing it with my Mom and she was like "Oh just get her a huge gift and let it be for her birthday and Christmas." I was like "Nu uh. Absolutely not. You don't get a kid a combined present if their birthday is in June and you shouldn't just because their birthday is in December!" haha It sure makes my wallet hurt though.

  5. It's been forever since i have checked on my favorite blogs. your babies have gotten so big! looks like he had an excellent birthday! can't believe he's TWO! :)


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