Monday, December 3, 2012

Miscellany Monday

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

'Tis the Season!!!

It's December! Finally! Which means...

* I finally have an excuse to play and sing Christmas music as loud and often as I like. 
* Soon Elliot will be helping me back and decorate sugar cookies for the first time. 
* Family photos
* Time to decorate! {our apartment complex is even getting into the spirit. Whoever wins the balcony decorating contest will get a credit towards next month's rent. Awesome!}
* I get to torture my babies by putting them in Santa hats, wrapping them in tinsel, sticking bows on their heads, stuffing them in stockings, and doing other ridiculous things to them all in the name of cutesy holdiay photos
* My house will smell like peppermint, apple pie, and cinnamon for the next month
* we Texans will be wearing boots and scarves and mittens when it's 65 degrees because that IS pretty darn chilly for down here. We obviously don't get any snow.
* I have several photoshoots set up this month that I am excited about. Time to build my portfolio!
... and so much more!

Our tree has been decorated since the day after Thanksgiving. It's white and covered in bright pink, purple, blue, and green ornaments. Elliot had a BLAST hanging the ornaments and would do it over and over again if I would let him.

I had fun taking pictures of this little cutie with christmas lights... only to find out the next day about the dangers of mixing christmas lights and children. Did you know that christmas lights have been tested and found to have very high lead levels? Yikes. Read more about it here.

Unfortunately, it is also the season for... sickness.
We spent most of the day at the pediatric clinic on post. Both of my boys have ear infections and Emmett also might be in the early stages of RSV :( He has a very wet cough that causes him to wretch, gag, and turn blue. But if he does have RSV, it's just starting and he's only going to get a lot worse. So maybe it's a good thing I'm behind posting pictures... because I doubt I'll have a chance to get many shots over the next few days while my boys are so sick.

Okay, I think that's about enough random ramblings for one Monday. Besides, Teen Mom 2 is coming on soon ;) my dirty obsession. 

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  1. Wow welcome back ... I too took a short hiatus from blogging for different reasons.
    This is a great time of year isn't it?! I did not know that about christmas lights and lead. Terrific. I think sometimes we are better off being naive and not knowing these things LOL. Hope both your boys are feeling better... by the way I can't believe how big they are both getting!!


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