Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh joy.

At my overseas physical tomorrow, I'll be pricked and poked and papped and... all that other fun stuff. A full gynecological and physical exam. All in the name of moving overseas in less than three months. I'm not too thrilled about the exam itself- I have a retroverted cervix and uterus, so pap smears are incredibly uncomfortable (borderline painful) for me. I am, however, excited to be able to cross another item off of my "Move-to-Korea" checklist.
They'll be doing a lot of bloodwork. So hopefully I'll find out tomorrow whether or not I'm pregnant. Tomorrow is the 30th day of my cycle and 13 days past ovulation- and my period will officially be due. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, although I'm not feeling as optimistic anymore, after that negative test yesterday. I was also having some cramping last night and thought for sure the red bitch was coming, but actually, I think my stomach was just upset.

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