Saturday, April 2, 2011

10 Day Challenge- day 3

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Eight fears:
1. Losing the ones I love
2. Living life with regrets
3. Relapsing {eating disorder}
4. Heights
5. Driving
6. Horror movies
7. Spiders
8. Cotton balls: touching cotton sends chills down my spine. I absolutely can't stand touching it. This is actually a pretty common sensory issue- google it. :)

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  1. Sorry, I had to lol at Cotton Balls...

    Why are you scared of them?

  2. you might have to explain the cotton balls....

  3. Hehe I added ante about the cotton balls!

  4. Oh my, I have the SAME issue with cotton balls. UGH. Just thinking about them sends shivers up my spine. Going to the dentist is PURE TORTURE when they put cotton pads in my mouth. Ick ick ick just thinking about it. I didn't know it was a thing, I thought I was just weird!

  5. wow! that's crazy! and interesting! I love them....think they are so soft....sorry :(


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