Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another day, another doctor appointment.

Well, Elliot went to the doctor today for his 4-month well baby appointment. He is now 12 lbs 12 oz and 26.2" long. That puts him at the 10th percentile for weight {up 5% from last time} and the 90th percentile for height. Looks like he's going to be tall and skinny like his mama!!!
Elliot was also finally put on antibiotics for bronchitis. His lungs also sounded terrible so there were some questions about pneumonia, but his doctor {thankfully} decided to wait and see how he does on the meds since hes already had so many x-rays in his short life. No need to expose him to even more gamma rays if we don't have to!
He can't get his shots until he feels better... I'm not too heartbroken about that, though. If some of you are wondering why I've never talked about vaccinations on this blog, when I talk about practically everything else, there is a reason. If given a choice, I definitely would have practiced delayed vaccination and possibly even selective vaccination. The army, however, did not give me a choice. I'd tell you how frustrated I am about that, but it would be a lost cause and a waste of my time so I won't bother.
In other news, we are in the middle of a SNOWSTORM. We are supposed to get 5-12 inches and my dad {a meteorologist} seriously doubts that my brothers will have school tomorrow. This is RIDICULOUS!!!!!


  1. I hear ya about the snow! We are in south east michigan and had an inch yesterday morning.. now its just tons and tons of rain!!

  2. I can't belive it is snowing! That is insane!

    Sorry that you weren't able to do the vaccination schedule that you wanted. I think everyone has the right to decide what is best for them and their family.

  3. wow! i can't believe it is still snowing where you live. i'm sorry. :-/

    and that's insane about the army not giving you a choice over what shots you want to give YOUR child. i can understand why you are angry about that.

  4. My family is in central michigan and getting hail today. I live in NJ now and kind of miss the crazy Michigan weather sometimes :)

  5. I'm so sorry you have snow!
    I'm so ready for spring, and we got a little taste of that today here in Seattle!
    I agree with you on the vaccines.....I'm sure I could choose a doctor who uses a modified schedule, but we couldn't afford that out of pocket. So sad that we can't choose the healthcare that we think is best for our families.

  6. 5-12 inches of snow? Ewww! You poor thing! And to think I was complaining about our NJ weather! LOL
    Glad to hear Elliot went up in % for weight. Great news. And I hope he does not have Pnemonia. Ugh - praying the anti-biotics work - I'm sure he will be just fine- He;s a trooper!! :)

  7. YAY! Hes gonna be a tall boy! WOW A snowstorm in april... i would be going crazy


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