Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A snow day in APRIL?

Well, the weather man wasn't wrong. Last night, while everyone was sleeping, we got eight inches of snow. That's not a very good thing to wake up to! Not in April, anyways.
The boys had a snow day and there was even enough freshly fallen snow to make a snowman!
Last week, it was in the 60's and sunny, and now we're buried beneath snow again. That's what happens when you live in northern Michigan!


Frosty's face

Snowy pond


  1. Oh yuck! Spring is officially here no more snow mother nature... though last night while we were having tornado warnings I told Tim I would take the snowfall in April over the tornadoes!

  2. Ew to all of that snow! We live in Northern Michigan too, the UP to be exact :) Luckily, the storm missed us!

  3. I think that i would actually rather have full on snow instead of rain rain rain rain rain....

    come on summer!!!!! You snowman needs a carrot!

  4. The weather has been all wonky all over the country! It's crazy!! I love snow days - but you're right... not in April. Ha ha

  5. Same in MN!!!!!

    We have no snow right now but we are going to get some!!

  6. We had snow in WI as well. It was gross and we had thunder at the same time. This weather sucks. Luckily, today it's sunny again but I heard it's suppose to be yucky this whole weekend. :[

  7. First off...your son is beautiful. I can't imagine how having to wait almost TEN FREAKING DAYS to hold felt. Probably like an ETERNITY! I see you live in good ol' Michigan! I am from Suttons Bay (Near Traverse City). My parents told me about the ridiculous amount of snow you guys just got...I'm a weirdo and kind of jealous hahaha.

    Love your blog, Mama. Will be swinging by often!



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