Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Daily Routine

We have a new routine around here that seems to be working really well. Before, I was just kind of letting him do what he wanted when he wanted. Having more structure really seems be working out better, though. He basically fell into this routine on his own with a little "help" from his mama. :)

A typical day for us:
8:30am: Elliot wakes up for the day. He has a bottle, but usually not right away- this is the one time during the day when we can go longer than two hours without a bottle. He's much more flexible in the early morning.
9:00am: We listen to music {he happens to really like Britney Spears and Lady GaGa, HAH!} dance, and play on the bed. Don't worry- I'll phase out Britney for more "kid friendly" music when he gets a little older.
9:45am: Time to get dressed! I let him kick and hang out naked for a few minutes here. He LOVES to be naked!
10:00 Elliot sits in his bouncy seat and watches Little Bear or Sesame Street so I can eat some breakfast. He actually plays with his toys more than he watches the TV, but that's okay with me.
10:30: Mama shower/get ready time, which means Elliot entertains himself in his bouncy seat in the bathroom with me. He LOVES the fan and really doesn't mind waiting patiently most days. He used to sleep through my showers but now whenever I peek out at him he's happily awake.
11:00am: Bottle and nap time.
12:30pm: Bottle, then more playtime and storytime. He loves to be read to. {and once it warms up, we'll be spending this time outside!}
2:30pm: Another bottle and 1-2 hour nap
Around 4:00pm: Elliot wakes up, has a bottle, my brother Matthew comes home from school, and the 3 of us play together for awhile. He also usually does tummy time and has a short nap, too.
Around 6:00pm: Dinner time- bottle for Elliot, and then he sits in his bouncy seat or walker next to the table {or my lap, if he isn't cooperating} while I eat dinner. If he sits in my lap, he tries to grab my bowl/plate and stares at the food intently with his mouth hanging wide open. Poor kid. Sorry, you've got awhile to wait, still...
8:00pm: Bathtime for Elliot {his FAVORITE!}, followed by a bottle, a story, some rocking and cuddling, and then bed. He then wakes up 4-5 times throughout the night to eat.

Does your baby have a routine? I think it helps other mamas to see what works for others. If you want, write a blog post about your daily routine and link up below :)


  1. Sounds like a good routine you got going on! Bennett kinda has a routine with naps and stuff. But we're all over the place during the days so it gets messed up pretty frequently. Ha ha

  2. When did you start having a schedule? Porter is almost 2 months now...and I have no idea when to start trying to have a schedule. Is it too early? I have no idea what i'm doing, haha....shooot. maybe I should read some more books or something...

  3. i am no schedule momma. i would link up, but that would be against the point haha what a fun link up tho!

  4. Around 3 or 4 months old Gavin kind of fell into his own schedule (with my help, of course) i always tried to have him home at the same times for his naps. It REALLY helped his moods and get him into a good night time sleep schedule.

    Now that he's a year old, he has a pretty strict schedule that even when I try, I can't break him from! Sometimes it's a pain, but it's nice to know when I'll have my "me time" :) Sounds like Elliot has a great schedule!

  5. I keep meaning to do a post on routine, but our routine is all over the place with our recent move. I can't wait to get back into something steady though.

  6. I think routines and schedules are two different things. We have a routine, but not a schedule.

    It sounds like Elliot has some fun-filled days!

  7. Great idea to share the routines. We have a loose routine, but it's more just trying to follow the eat/play/sleep idea - which sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.

  8. sounds like a good day! i'm feeling for ya w/ the 4-5x of waking up a night though!

  9. It is interesting to see how other people go about their day - I very well may link up with you.

    4-5x a night ... oofta. You're my hero!


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