Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Real men wear purple. {photo dump}

Well, it's been raining nonstop for a couple days now and isn't about to stop anytime soon... so I STILL haven't been able to take Elliot back outside. Disappointing! All of these April showers better bring some pretty fantastic May flowers!
We don't exclude any colors from Elliot's wardrobe, toys, nursery decoration, etc. I think all little boys should be able to enjoy every color in the rainbow {pink and purple included} in addition to green and blue. In fact, Elliot's nursery has very little blue at all. I hate how people are programmed to think boy = baby blue. In my opinion, baby blue is one of the most boring colors.
Here are some pictures of Elliot rocking his purple hoodie a couple days ago.

Where's your bottom lip?
His new thing- sucking on his bottom lip. How incredibly adorable is that?!

... and he still enjoys expressing his opinion with those crazy eyebrows.

Crazy eyebrows again

Another new habit: clasping his hands.


My two favorite boys: Elliot and my little brother, Matthew. Can anyone guess the age difference between us? Hint: it's a lot.

Uncle Matthew loves his nephew
Elliot loves his uncle, and his uncle loves him! You should see how Elliot cranes his neck to find Matthew whenever he hears his voice. And he always greets his uncle with a giant smile, too. So cute. We will both miss Matthew when we leave in a couple months!

In case you didn't notice, Elliot finally has some little cheekers! Yep, he's moving on up the growth charts... he's at the whopping 10th percentile now. And 90th percentile for height, which means he is outgrowing his 0-3 month sleepers and rompers in the length but 3-6 months are INCREDIBLY baggy on him. Poor kid.


  1. I love the last picture of him in this post. It's frame worthy. What a cutie. Hope you get to go outside soon!

  2. I love his facial expressions! I'm so happy the rain has taken a break was going and going for depressing!

  3. His facial expressions really are the best, and he looks great in purple.

  4. Eeek! Who cares what color he wears!? He's just SO precious! Goodness!

  5. kennedy has been sucking on hers too!
    so bad tho she has a purple spot in the middle it looks like she got pop'd in the face! :(

  6. i seriously want to give him baby squishes. he is so friggen adorable!

  7. his facial expressions are priceless. i could seriously stare at his face all day long and just giggle. and who cares what color he wears, babies can wear anything and rock it!! you and i must be very unlucky with this bad weather because it's currently raining here and yesterday was just as bad, hmph. :[

  8. I feel like i can't dress my little girl in anything but pink & purple and people automatically say "he's so cute!". Come one people. Just because she is in a red onesie today and little blue jeans does not mean she is a boy. Do I always have to stick a headband on her with a big flower on it for people not to assume she's a boy when not in pink.
    Oh well. It won't stop be from dressing her in REDS shirts this summer. Her dad's a BIG fan.

  9. Lol I love his faces and I completely agree with you when it comes to colors. I hope the weather gets better out there for you so you guys can hang out outside! :)

    The Sweetest Life

  10. @Jessica- that would be incredibly frustrating. Someone only assumed Elliot was a girl once, because he had a purple, pink, green, and blue striped blanket. DOH!

  11. His facial/eyebrow expressions kill me! Too cute!

  12. I love the past picture you posted of him! It definetely needs to be in a frame! I agree with you on the wooden toy things. We try not to do toys with batteries in our household..

  13. I love his facial expressions! He just gets cuter with every post.

  14. I just have to say....your little boy is absolutely ADORABLE!! Hope you all get to go outside soon, I am in NC and it is in the 70's and 80's here.

  15. Such cute pics! Love his Hoodeie, he's rockin' it!
    My youngest sis and I are 16 years apart, but I love it! She's the perfect age now to be our babysitter and she's still young enough that she loves playing school, house, etc. with the kids : )

  16. Oh my goodness gracious, the personality in that face!!! =D


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