Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Elliot's first walk

It was in the high 50's and sunny here yesterday, so I took Elliot on his very first walk. He absolutely LOVED it, and was babbling away and looking around the whole time. He just couldn't believe how big the world beyond his windows was! I think this is the first of many, many walks that we will take together.
I am so excited to explore this beautiful world with my son. Both his father and I LOVE being outdoors, and I hope Elliot learns to enjoy being outside as much as we do. There is so much to do and see! So much beauty! There are so many great "firsts" to be had- his first time digging in the dirt, first trip to the ocean, first hike, first time feeling sand between his toes... I could go on and on. The natural world is a peaceful and wonderful place, and I can't wait for Elliot to explore and experience it all.

Off we go
All set to go!

Big eyes!
Elliot wide-eyed at all there was to see and do. Oh, my son, the great outdoors is a beautiful place!

I like it!
The verdict is in and... he likes it!!

Lifeless in early spring
Unfortunately, no green here yet. I can't wait for buds and blossoms!


  1. Lol his eyes in that 2nd picture! He is such a cutie. I love taking Alyson on walks! Even if she tends to pass out 5 minutes in lol.

  2. I love your enthusiasm for the outdoors, and I hope Elliot has as much for it as you do.

    He is too cute as usual, that second picture with his wide eyes is just priceless.

  3. I grew up in MI but have lived in TX for the past 15 years. Your post brought back memories of spring in MI- I never really liked spring there because everything was thawing and soggy and muddy. But it always felt so good to be outdoors after a long winter!

    I enjoy your blog because it takes me back to all the "firsts" when my kids were little. I have to be mindful to take time to enjoy those moments now, easy for take for granted with the fifth kid, but it will go by so fast!

  4. OMG I just love the second picture with his big eyes!! So cute!

  5. Oh my goodness that wide eye'd picture is just too much! How cute, the weather isn't warm enough yet, but soon ill be able to get Chloe out for a walk that is longer then from the car to safeway's doors lol!

    how fun!

  6. Oh my gosh, that second picture is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! What a little darling ♥ I'm actually jealous of the colors you have in that last picture, everything here is still covered in either snow or mud, haha. I can't wait until it's warm enough for us to start going on walks again!


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