Tuesday, May 4, 2010

and the doctor says...

I had my yearly gyno visit today. I told her right away that I was pregnant, so she had me pee in a cup and the results came back positive. After my pap smear and all that other fun stuff (not!) they whisked me away for my OB briefing/consultation, which normally would have been scheduled separately, but since I was already there, they went ahead with it. I was pretty proud because I already knew most of the stuff the nurse told me- such as the importance of folic acid, etc. I guess being a bookworm (and addicted to babycenter) pays off!
My expected due date is January 3rd, 2011! Which is actually a few days earlier than I thought. They gave me a nifty Pregnancy and Childbirth handbook. Well, according to the cover, it is "A Goal Orientated Guide to Prenatal Care." It's pretty neat because it is broken up into all of the different prenatal visits and has spaces for filling in different information and keeping track of things. After the appointment, I picked up my prescription for prenatal vitamins. They are a LOT bigger than the over-the-counter prenatals I was taking- hopefully they won't make me sick.
My first official OB visit can be anywhere between 6-8 weeks. I'll probably call tomorrow to schedule it. I'm five weeks today so the appointment is only one or two weeks away. The mere thought of possibly hearing my baby's heartbeat in a couple weeks makes my heart beat about 1200x faster. I can't wait!
It looks like everything is going well so far, which I'm glad to hear. :)


  1. Hi! I found you thru babycenter. Just wanted to say congratulations...and your blog is too cute.

  2. You don't HAVE to take the doctor's prescribed prenatals, do you? I've always wondered that...

  3. Hi Jess! Congrats! I too found you through BabyCenter. We have the same due date...and we both have a belly tattoo (mine is on my side) that I will be interested in watching grow. I haven't announced my pregnancy on my blog just yet...

  4. l'ananas- announce, already :) haha, just kidding. Take your time. I'm just excited to compare notes ;)

  5. l'ananas- announce, already :) haha, just kidding. Take your time. I'm just excited to compare notes ;)

  6. I'm just catching up on your old entries... my prescription prenatals are insane too!!!


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