Saturday, May 1, 2010

First baby purchase.

We officially made our first baby purchase yesterday at Target.



Isn't it CUTE? Aaron pointed it out and I knew we had to get it. The best part? It was only $6.00. I love that a boy OR a girl could wear it. In fact, browsing the baby clothes yesterday made me realize how difficult it is going to be to wait another 14-16 weeks to find out what we're having. The unisex selection was almost nonexistent- almost all the clothes were obviously for a boy or a girl. :( And I'm not against dressing girls in "boy" colors and boys in "girl" colors. But I don't think my husband would appreciate me dressing our son in a frilly pink onesie that says "Princess" across the front.

Happy May Day! This is one of my favorite months of the year. I'm in love with the juicy red berries and pink blossoms outside our window. You know that old saying, "April showers bring May flowers"? Well, there is definitely a precious little flower blooming inside of me :)

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  1. We had the same problem, not knowing if Niblet was a boy or girl, that's why she spent her first 3 months wearing nothing but white!

  2. That's adorable! I've actually found tons of unisex clothes at Target! They're more in the packaged clothes area. I make sure to stock up whenever I find something cute!


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