Friday, May 14, 2010

Books for baby.

Every time we go shopping these days, we end up buying things for the baby. So what'd peanut score today? BOOKS! Hopefully baby will love books as much as Mommy does.
Colors- uses fun textures, colors, and fruits to teach baby the colors of the rainbow :)
Count by Dwell Studio- normally, I find counting books cheesy and boring. This one caught my eye and I immediately threw it into the cart. We all know about my love of birds!
The Belly Button Book- this one's just plain adorable. I love Sandra Boynton!
I'd like to try to find some korean books, too. Maybe just a simple words one, or a picture book that features little asian kids :) I want our baby to soak in as much of this new culture as we do!


  1. Aw, baby books! I love it! You're so making me want to shop...

  2. I'm glad you found my blog (and now I've found yours!)

  3. I totally just added the Dwell Counting book to my Target registry! The artwork is adorable!

  4. Since we've already purchased a few too many newborn pjs, I guess we should move on to books!


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