Thursday, May 6, 2010

The problem with having a baby overseas...

Sure, it sounds really exciting to have our first baby overseas. Someday, our son/daughter will be able to say: "I was born in South Korea! Where were YOU born?" And everything else will probably seem somewhat... normal in comparison.
BUT there is a huge drawback to having our first baby overseas: our family and friends will not be there. This means we probably can't have a baby shower. My mom won't be able to coach me through childbirth, as I've always hoped. I won't be greeting guests at the hospital. There will be no family members visiting or staying during our baby's first week home. No helping hands. The only way we will be able to introduce our baby to our family will be through pictures and video. The list just goes on and on.
In addition, I probably won't be able to attend birthing classes or prenatal yoga. And I have no idea if water births (my top choice!) are common in Korea. [sigh]
Well... I'm sure we'll figure it all out. The later half of our pregnancy, our birth story, and our first few months as a family of three will still be special and unique. And, one thing's for sure... the whole experience will definitely be memorable.


  1. Im sorry hun, a friend of mine had her baby in austrailia and her family was not able to be there so they called their parents on their cells and had them on speakerphone while she was pushing. I thought it was pretty cool.

    I wish you the best in your water birth experience!

  2. thankyou :) I just did some reading and have officially freaked myself out even more- I'll probably post about that tomorrow or this weekend. BUT a few Korean hospitals have labor/birthing pools, so that was encouraging.

  3. I have a friend from church who is in Seoul now. She is having her baby this month ... if you want to connect with another mama send me your e-mail and I'll connect the two of you!

  4. Will you be birthing on base?

    I just read a few blog updates up that you won't be able to bring your pup - I'm so sorry. :( Will he get to stay with a family member? How long will you be in South Korea?

    I'm going through some of the same emotions ... my mom is taking it pretty hard (though she tries not to show it) that she won't be able to be there. With her work schedule (she works at a public school) she won't be able to come to Oki until Christmas at the earliest. I don't know ... it is all very sombering but we'll be kick ass Mommas with unique stories, so hey there's that perk, right?



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