Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back to the source.

Today Aaron and I went with our whole family (his and mine) to church. It was really wonderful to go back, especially since St. Mary's Cathedral is where we first met almost seven years ago, when we were both only fourteen years old. (Wow, time flies!)
A couple celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary during the mass, and I ended up getting a little teary. You could really see the love shining in their eyes, and they still looked SO genuinely happy. It moved me deeply. I was not, however, the only person with watery eyes. It seemed even those who WEREN'T being bombarded with pregnancy hormones were just as weepy as I was. Of course, the fact that Aaron squeezed my hand and said that would be us someday probably didn't help.
It's been wonderful to be back home surrounded by family. It truly has. And it makes me worry about how hard it'll be to be so far from family (across the world!) for the next 2-3 years. Oh well. At least I'll have Aaron and Peanut- my happy little family. :)

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