Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How to feed an expanding belly

I have to admit, since being home, eating healthy has been a bit of a struggle. Every time I open the pantry, I am greeted by boxes and bags and cans of unhealthy food that wouldn't even be allowed in my apartment. We're talking macaroni and cheese, spaghettios, chips, cookies, twinkies- the works. The fridge and freezer are even worse- frozen pizzas, pizza rolls, hot dogs, ice cream... you get the picture. I guess that's what happens when you have three growing boys in the house.
Don't get me wrong. They DO have a lot of healthy food, too. However, when you are starving and searching for something to eat (which, for me, is all the time!) it seems like all of the quickest and easiest things to make are also the unhealthiest.
So, needless to say, I haven't been eating as healthy now as I was earlier in this pregnancy. Dinners are always healthy around here- high in protein, low in fat, plenty of veggies, and all that. Lunchtime, however, is tougher. And don't even get me started on snacks.

So what does a guilty pregnant woman eat after having macaroni and cheese for lunch? Well, a bowl full of antioxidants, of course!
And it was delicious! This is the end of my week-long junk food binge and the beginning of eating healthily for the rest of this pregnancy. I promise.

Here's my fourteen week belly, after eating the above bowl of berries.

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  1. Your bump is SO cute! Berries taste so good to me right now except for blueberries- I've never been a fan of those.


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