Saturday, July 31, 2010

What a surprise!

Yesterday, we drove home from Cape Cod to my grandma's house, where my family (dad, stepmom, and three brothers) were waiting. We went over to my Aunt Nuala's house for dinner, and to my surprise, it was ACTUALLY a surprise baby shower! Unfortuantely, most of the people she invited couldn't come because they were on vacation, but it was still a wonderful surprise! I wasn't expecting to have any baby showers for a few more months, and definitely not out east!
I got a lot of things off my registry- my travel system, pack & play, infant bouncer/seat, tummy time mat, part of my bedding set, crib/floor mirror, onesies, books, toys, and more! I'm so glad that my family has been so supportive and optimistic. I honestly wasn't sure how my family would even feel about baby showers and gifts and things like that, because so much is unknown about this little one, other than, of course the omphalocele. But they have all adopted the same strong, positive attitude that I have, thank goodness! :)
Here's a sneak peak-
My cake- it was DELICIOUS.
My Aunt Nuala, who planned and hosted the surprise baby shower, and I.
My dad and I (and the cake!)
My baby cousin Camdynn enjoyed helping me open my presents! She was a little confused, though, and wanted to see the baby NOW, hehe.


  1. You look beautiful! I'm so happy you had such a good time and a great surprise!


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