Friday, July 2, 2010

Motherhood Maternity

Today was my first adventure in maternity shopping... and it went surprisingly well! The saleslady at Motherhood Maternity couldn't have been more friendly or helpful... and she has three kids of her own, so she actually knew what she was talking about when it came to what was worth buying or skipping.
I ended up buying a few rouched tees that fit me now but will continue to fit as my belly grows, a pair of (surprisingly cute!) maternity jeans that are dangerously comfortable, and some long tank tops. That combined with my large selection of roomy sundresses and cardigans should hold me over until it gets colder. And who knows how soon that will be- I *AM* in Northern Michigan at the moment. It's 84 out now... but two days ago it was barely in the 60's.
I also FINALLY found an OBGYN in the area and set up my first appointment- which is on July 12th. I will be exactly 15 weeks. This doctor is supposed to be very nice and was highly reccomended by several people that I know.
It looks like I'll be stuck in Michigan for a month or so after my husband leaves before I get to join him in Korea, so I'll get to fit in at least two appointments here before leaving, which is nice. AND in about six weeks, we'll be finding out what we're having! *insert obnoxious squeal here*

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  1. I loved that store when I was pregnant. They have some of the cutest tops.


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