Monday, August 2, 2010

Strange dreams & leg cramps... keeping me awake.

You know, it's hard to sleep when I have a baby kicking madly inside of me and I keep having bizzare dreams. Add to that shooting leg cramps that send me jumping out of bed and... I am one exhausted pregnant woman. Of course, trying to get comfortable on my side doesn't help, either.
Don't get me wrong: I LOVE feeling Peanut move. It's just kind of funny that he/she always seems to begin his nightly exercise routine right around bedtime. Then, once I stop smiling and giggling at Peanut's pokes and jabs, I am plagued with my two newest pregnancy symptoms: strange, VIVID, scary dreams and killer leg cramps. Hmmmm. It must just be Peanut's way of getting me ready for all of those long, sleepless nights ahead.


  1. Thankfully my dreams have calmed down but they were just very bizarre not scary. I do have awful charlie horses in my calves every few nights!

    When do you find out if peanut is a boy or girl!?

  2. I understand! I have the dream just not the cramps yet. I had them really bad with my first. Good luck!

  3. We find out in exactly one week- Monday the 9th!

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