Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm dreaming of...

I'm dreaming of... fluffy butts!
My husband and I agreed to use cloth diapers before we even started actively trying to get pregnant. Once I showed him several different kinds and explained all the pros and cons, he quickly agreed. I was pleasantly surprised, because I had expected a little more of a fight.
Well, I was a little worried whether or not we'd be able to cloth diaper right away, since I'm staying with family until Aaron comes home. And today, my dad and stepmom gave me the go ahead to use cloth diapers! Woo hoo!
The bright, fun new Fuzzibunz colors have been swirling in my head lately....
New fuzzibunz colors
We're #98 now... you guys rock!
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  1. They sure are pretty. Hubby and I plan to cloth diaper too but I don't think we can get Fuzzi Buns in the UK. I just found out that I am 6 weeks preggo with our first. I am scared out of my mind that this little one won't stick, I need some of your positiveness, you sure are an inspiration!

  2. check out you can get great deals on there & do a 21 day trial of brand new cloth diapers to try out all different kinds & see what you like.

    i'll be doing it after this last summer vacation & will definitely do a report on my blog :)

  3. Yes! cloth (we call them nappies down here)

    They seem so much better. Good for the environment, easy to use, cheaper in the long run.

    The only decision to make is what brand!?!?!

    Good to see you have found some.

  4. i swear by BumGenius 3.0 (or the new 4.0)



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