Tuesday, June 7, 2011

93 degrees and 36 days.

First of all, there are only 36 days until my husband comes home!
I've never been so excited for something in my entire life. I just cannot wait for us to be a family again. Every day, as Elliot continues to do new things and become more and more active... I just keep thinking about how shocked Aaron is going to be when he sees him.
It was 93 degrees and sunny today. That might not seem like a big deal to YOU, but if you lived in northern Michigan, where we have eight months of winter and hardly any sunshine, you'd understand. IT WAS FABULOUS!! It was also my brothers' last day of school, which means Elliot and I no longer get to enjoy our quiet days to ourselves.
Elliot spent most of the day in just his diaper because he was a hot mess and has a pretty bad heat rash covering him from head to toe {literally}. Is there anything you can do for a heat rash? I don't think it bothers Elliot at all... but it bothers ME!
Some pictures I took this afternoon of Elliot in his choco truffle Fuzzibunz:

Handsome boy. It kind of looks like he's posing here, even though he's really just got his fingers in his mouth, as usual.

tummy time.
He likes to make funny faces.

cool kid.
And just for fun: trying on my sunglasses. :)

Speaking of Fuzzibunz, I'm really digging mine lately. In fact, they're pretty much the only diaper Elliot wears during the day, with the exception of the occasional prefold and cover. More on that in a cloth diaper update coming soon!


  1. Whoa mama!! 93 degrees?? But I do love babes in diapers. And that last shot with him in the sunglasses... so cute!

  2. I LOVE his eyes in the second picture. And those glasses... He is going to be a little heartbreaker. =D

    That is so exciting about your hubby. I think you guys have so much strength to have to go through having him gone so much.

  3. I bet the next 36 days will fly by! So exciting!! I would love to see reunion photos. Do you have someone to capture that moment?

  4. I love these new pics! And I think a diaper is the one and only thing a baby needs on hot days :) cloth-diapered bums are especially cute ;)

  5. He's such a cutie!!! Love the last picture :) I'm still on the fence about the Fuzzibunz. I have 2 and I'm not sure if I want to order more. My favorite is the BumGenius 4.0's. Snaps just frustrate me now. I can't wait for the cloth diaper update! :)

  6. Yay, soon the Hubby will be home. I totally understand the separation thing. My husband and I have been separated a lot. Especially when we were both active duty. On another note we looooove our Fuzzibunz. My son is almost 1 and they have held up amazingly and we've never had a blow out or rash. We love them!

  7. SUPER cute! Where did you get his necklace? I want one for my boy! :)

  8. i pretty much about died with the heat we had yesterday. it was outrageous. i miss having central a/c but babies in a diaper are always nice too see :] hopefully, 36 days will fly by like nothing!!! the last picture is my favorite!!

  9. Just love the pictures thats awesome catch by 93 degrees.

  10. too cute!! i love fuzzibunz as well :)

    here in texas, next week is supposed to be 104, craziness!!

  11. I love my fuzzibunz! We use them the majority of the time &when it's time to do laundry, we resort to bum genius. I feel like they're not as bulky and they hold more!

    PS- Elliot in those sunglasses made my day! He gets cuter and cuter every day!


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