Sunday, June 26, 2011

"big people" food? Yes, please!

Elliot is absolutely loving all the big people food he's been getting lately. I have decided, for now, to just make his purees in a plain old steamer and blender. We'll see how long that lasts... if I get too tired of it, maybe I'll reconsider buying a fancy Beaba or Brezza. For now, though, the "old fashioned way" is working well!
So far, Elliot has tried apples and bananas. He likes them both in all forms- homemade applesauce, whole apple slices, big chunks of banana or mashed up. In fact, he likes them SO MUCH that he hasn't really been drinking bottles except for at night and before naps. Now, this wouldn't really bother me {formula, gross!} BUT he won't drink water. So we're still working on that.
Boy, does this kid like to eat! I'm not kidding. This morning, he had a big bowl of homemade applesauce, followed by half of a banana. Since he was still acting hungry, he then ate two apple slices in his mesh feeder, too! Yet he is still such a scrawny little guy! I don't get it. He must've gotten his mama's metabolism.
Next, we're trying avocado, and then we're venturing into the world of veggies... starting with either sweet potato or carrots. Fun, fun!





  1. I want to try out those mesh feeders. I bought teething cookies for Ethan, and he loves those, but other than that, he's only chomped on baby carrots. I'd like to try giving him more slices and "big people food" to try out, so, I think they would work well!

  2. i've been wanting to buy one of those!!! yay for good eating babies! noah is the same way! carrots and sweet potatoes... nice choices on starters!

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  4. Formula or breastmilk has the fat they need for their developing brains and rapid growth. Solids are just for fun until age 1. I know you know that, but the old mom in me felt compelled to mention it. Please just ignore me if that was annoying.

    It looks like Elliot is having a great time tasting his new foods! Milo was not interested in solids until, literally, yesterday. LOL.

  5. Finley has the same one, we put asperagus in it the other day and he went to TOWN! His shirt was promptly covered in drool...




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