Wednesday, June 22, 2011

apples, anyone?

Elliot has been extremely constipated so I decided to temporarily give up on bananas and make Elliot some homemade applesauce. I'm glad I did, because it was easy and Elliot LOVED them! It also helped his little problem ;).
We're phasing cereal out of his diet and are going to continue with apples for the rest of this week, and then we're going to try avocado! After that, we're trying our first veggie-probably either sweet potato or carrots. I'm also experimenting with baby led weaning and plan to start using our baby safe mesh feeder soon, too.
Starting solids is so exciting!

First, peel, core, and chop 5-8 apples of your choice. I think these are Braeburn.

Next, put the chopped apples into a steamer and steam until soft.

Blend, adding the steaming water if neccessary, until smooth.

Pretty sure he loved it- he ate the whole bowl!

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We're slipping and could REALLY use some votes. I know I've been a bad blogger lately, but I promise to post much better posts full of adorable pictures as soon as my new computer gets here- which should be tomorrow or the next day!


  1. BAHHH!!! That's how to do it. I just "mushed" apples, with the skins on them still, and it just tasted like poop! lol.

    Next time, I will boil them, and put them in our baby bullet to properly make apple sauce! -Thanks!!!

    Also, I LOVE that you showed the bowl empty. lol. Too cute.

  2. Apples are great for constipation! Lilla loves applesauce:)

  3. Dramaticmama- do you like the baby bullet? I'm thinking about getting one. I think it would work a lot better than the blender and it's cheaper than some of the all-in-one baby food makers {Beaba, Brezza, etc.}

  4. I love that you make your own baby food. Sent a vote your way! ;)

  5. Thanks for the vote, Miranda :)

  6. Noah had huge problems with constipation when we started food with him. I had to change him from rice cereal to oatmeal AND he has to have prunes most mornings. Without the prunes it is a disaster. Oh the joys of solid foods :-)

  7. We have the same bowls and spoons!!!

    How many servings did this make?

  8. Samantha- I'd say this will make about 9-10 servings, or three days worth for Elliot since he has stopped wanting bottles very often and we're giving him solids 3x a day.

  9. Marshall loves him some apples too!

  10. Julianna's favorite thing has been and still is applesauce. If she is being picky - we open up some applesauce and she gets soooo excited and can't eat it fast enough lol

  11. i think I would eat that tasty goodness all myself. mmm babyfood.

  12. Hey, I actually got my baby bullet a little late in the game, BUT when I did use it, I loved it, and my baby loved it!!! :)
    I loved that it comes with freezable containers, so you can make more and freeze stuff. It also comes with a recipe guide and stuff.
    Totally recommend it (especially since now it's available at Canadian Tire). :)


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