Saturday, June 25, 2011

nature boy.

After six straight days of rain, the sun finally decided to show his face and break through the clouds today. In fact, it was a downright BEAUTIFUL day. We had no idea just how nice it was going to be... so chose to deep clean the house this morning {and I mean DEEP clean- even washing the walls and vacuuming the window screens}.
I have no idea why in the world we didn't do this on one of the last few days, when it was too cold and gross out to go outside. I will admit, however, that my eyes are less red and my nose is less runny, so all that spring summer cleaning must have done something for my allergies. That's always a plus.
After I showered and rinsed off all the bleach, Elliot and I spent the rest of the afternoon outside. We went for a walk and Elliot did a bunch of new things: he looked at the fish in the pond, smelled a bunch of flowers, and fed the horses.
We decided to go to the 5:00 mass so that we could relax tomorrow morning. Elliot has been getting a burst of energy every time we go to church lately. WOW. That's all I can say. He's crazy!
To wrap the day up, he had a big bowl of homemade applesauce, a bath, a bottle, and then proceeded to fight sleep for almost an hour. I like to sing songs to Elliot while I'm rocking him, and today the song "It Won't be Like This for Long" by Darius Rucker came on. I thought I finally had my hormones under control but I guess not, because I totally burst into tears. My little boy is just growing up so fast.
"This phase is gonna fly by, so baby just hold on.
It won't be like this for long."

A few pictures of my little nature lover exploring today:




and very excited to go for a walk:



  1. Oh I'm still a hormonal mess after becoming a mom haha! I've somehow lost my faith over the past few years and I KNOW going to church will help me restore it but I'm so scared about taking Alyson because I will more than likely be going by myself unless I can convince my mom to start going with me and Alyson tends to make really loud, random outbursts and that would just be embarrassing lol.

  2. aw what a blessing your boy is. Love that summer sun.

    Lucy often draws the attention at our evening church service where she is the ONLY baby. I like the morning service where there are loads of other babies but she gets so much lovely attention at night.

  3. oh my goodness! He's getting so big! Sitting there all on his own!

    Jazmyn - perhaps look for a church that has a nursery? I know ours does and then you could get back into it and comfortable before keeping your daughter with you during the service :)

  4. Your son is so completely adorable!!! I love his smile, lol. Makes me smile. :)

  5. That little red outfit totally suits him, he looks dazzlingly cute in it!


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