Thursday, June 16, 2011

not a banana boy

6 months!
If Elliot had a personal ad, it would go something like this: "Hello! My name is Elliot. I'm six months old. I like long walks on the beach, drooling, and my plastic keys... but I don't like bananas."
Did you catch that?? Elliot is six months old today!" To celebrate, he tried banana for the first time. I was fairly confident that he would like them, since all my books said that bananas were one of the most widely accepted {and enjoyed} first foods. Well, apparently Elliot didn't get the memo. He didn't like them at all! First, he tried a bite of the whole banana, and he didn't like that. Then, I mashed it up and mixed it with a little formula. Nope. Finally, I tried to just sneak some into his cereal... and he wouldn't eat that, either!! I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed. The bananas weren't super ripe yet, though, so we'll try it again in a couple days.
The official six month post will be coming later. For now, some more pictures of the birthday boy this morning:

He loves those keys


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  1. Happy 6 months!!!!

    DJ didn't like mashed bananas but loved the chiquita bananas that Beech Nut has :)

  2. that smile kills me!!! he is SO cute :)give it some time & i'm sure he'll love the nanners ... i've never met a kid that didnt :)

  3. woo hoo!! Happy 6 months, Elliot!! Time sure flies. Laila is weird with bananas. She loves eating them in her mesh feeder but isn't a fan of eating banana baby food. Lets hope the next try works. If not, that's ok :] Also, I LOVE his bib!!

  4. Gosh, I can not get over how cute he is! :D

  5. He's adorable! My boy eats almost everything we give him, and he loves banana. Hopefully the next try works for you, though.:)

  6. Ha! Look at that raised eyebrow! He's so cute!

  7. Happy Half Month Birthday! :) He's such an adorable looking boy.

    My son was crazy about bananas and then there was a time he hated them all of a sudden. Now he's crazy about them again!

    You get cuter by the day little guy..cant wait to see him in another six months!
    Jess, I visit your blog daily to get my dose of Adorable Elliot...whose gorgeous face, with that million dollar smile....makes my day!! I walk away smiling ear to ear...You are the Best! (even if u dont like bananas! ;o)

  9. Thanks guys! :D You're all going to give Elliot a big head, hehe. Oh well. He's cute and he knows it. let's hope he likes the nanners next time,

  10. Happy 6 months cutie!!!
    My daughter didn't like bananas at first either, then I found a banana flavored cereal and she devoured it! After a few weeks, we tried again and she ate them like she'd always loved them! To this day, one week she'll love bananas, I stock up, then out of nowhere she doesn't like them, lol! And she's 8, so her tastes change every day!! : )

  11. Happy 6 months to Eliott - ANd I can tell you Julianna hated banana anything at first. Now... she eats banana mixed with anything. Who knows why? It just happens. She also loved green veggies at first. Now... HATES then LOL.


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