Saturday, June 11, 2011

yesterday was rough...

Yay for tubbies!

Don't let that picture fool you. Elliot was not his usual, happy self yesterday. Not at all! He woke up with a fever and spent most of the day crying. He also absolutely refused to let me put him down. It brought back memories of his first few weeks at home. Elliot spent about three out of his first six months sick and battling stomach and digestive issues.
I snapped this picture last night after I plopped my screaming baby into the tub and he magically stopped crying. I thought perhaps the worst was over... but he started crying again only a few minutes later and proceeded to cry for the next three hours as I struggled to get him to go to sleep. I'll never understand why babies fight their sleep even though they are absolutely EXHAUSTED. I just don't get it.
He hardly slept or ate anything yesterday, but he made up for it last night by eating THIRTY-SIX ounces between 11pm and 8am. I'm also happy to report that he woke up today with a smile on his face and cuddled with me for about a half-hour before taking another bottle and falling back to sleep! It's not even ten yet and he's been napping for forty-five minutes already. That makes me smile. I sure hope his teeth were just bothering him yesterday or something and that he's not getting sick again. This is the longest he's EVER been healthy {almost a month!}. I'd like to keep it that way.
Hoping for a better day today!
Here's another picture of him in the tub last night, because bathtime babies are just too cute:
Bubbly boy.
{Sorry, but my pictures won't be edited until I get a new computer. For now, all I have is my iPad. I miss photoshop!}

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  1. I really hate those days! I hope today is better for you though. I know how frustrating it can get. :(

    Oh Jazmyn

  2. I know you posted about it before but I can't remember where- where did you get his teething necklace?

    And I love his pictures! I hope today is better!

  3. Those are no fun Jaydens been like that lately with new teeth coming in :/I hope you and Elliot have a better day today.

  4. Gina- I got his necklace from little lions cloth diaper store, but they sell them lots of places. Just be sure to look for the word "Baltic "

  5. Oh... hope he's feeling better :( A cranky baby is no fun at all!


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