Thursday, May 23, 2013

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THIS WEEK'S THEMES: eating, loving, missing, moving, talking

Elliot and Emmett are currently...

Eating broccoli & cauliflower... and lots of it. They are definitely not complaining one bit about Mama & Daddy's diet. I'm so glad my boys are veggie lovers like me.

Loving their Mama, and sometimes I swear only their mama. Elliot especially is going through what started off as an endearing but is now extremely frustrating "mama only" stage. He only wants me to do everything- not daddy. Mama has to make him his food, cuddle him, pick him up, wash him in the bathtub, fill up his cups, build towers with him, etc. No matter how many times Aaron asks "can Daddy help you?" his response is always the same- "No, Mama. Mama, help!" Emmett has always had a special relationship with me, but neither I or Aaron are surprised, seems how I'm the one with the boobies. (ha!)

Missing their "Gumpa!", Aaron's dad, who came to visit for Emmett's birthday. Elliot sure did keep him busy, that's for sure!

Moving allll the time, especially Emmett, who is fully walking now, and getting rather fast! Oh boy!

Talking more- both of them. Elliot is coming up with new phrases, questions, and statements every day. He's currently obsessed with colors and counting, and insists on pointing out the color of everything. The other night, we had an... uh... interesting conversation about the color of his peepee. He ended up deciding it was yellow.

I am currently...

Eating amazing labor & delivery crunchy ice. Oh man guys, I can't get enough of this stuff.

Loving the fact that my dear friend trusts me enough to choose me as her labor/delivery coach, and also gave me the wonderful opportunity to photograph her labor, delivery and (eventually) birth. I am so beyond excited.

Missing my babies, especially Emmett, who went to bed tonight for the first time in his entire life without nursing. Since I have been in the hospital with my friend, Aaron had to put him to bed. He has been going down for his morning nap without nursing, though, so hopefully it wasn't too hard on him.

Talking my friend through labor, and we've also been talking a lot about baby names (this is a little dangerous). I even added names to our baby name list. I'm battling some serious baby fever right now! Ahhh! I don't know if it's because I'm living vicariously through her, or because I'm a bit nostalgic since just a tiny bit over a year ago, I was in the same place she was, about to welcome a new baby boy into the world...


  1. Wow! I'm so glad you linked up! I used to read your blog what feels like a hundred years ago (when you were pregnant with your first) and somehow drifted away (blame it on not being able to read the 9000 blogs I'd like to!). It's so great to catch up and see what you've been up to!

  2. I remember :) I still have more catching up to do on your blog, as well! Amazing how so much changes in so little time.

  3. Awww congrats to your friend! That's so awesome that you get to be right there beside her through the delivery!!


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