Thursday, May 30, 2013

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THIS WEEK'S THEMES: Borrowing, Dancing, Building, Throwing, Buying

Elliot and Emmett are currently...

Borrowing they both like to "borrow" toys from eachother... which really means Emmett tries to take whatever Elliot is playing with, and then Elliot says, "No No! Ellie's toy!" and takes it right back. He's stronger than Emmett, so big brother wins this battle... for now.

Dancing on poles. Well, Emmett is anyways. I have no idea where he learned this from, but anytime he finds something remotely pole-like, he grabs onto it and dances like a maniac, while squealing with delight. He does this with the rails on our balcony, lamp posts, and most recently the pole that sticks up out of Ross shopping carts. I have to admit, it's pretty amusing!

Building elaborate trains. Elliot's new thing is lining up all of his blocks into a long snake that winds around his room, and calling these creations "choo-trains." To his dismay, Emmett's favorite thing to do with said trains is destroy them. 

Throwing fits, occasionally. Emmett has started throwing mini-fits when he gets mad. He throws himself onto the floor and whines... then gets up two seconds later like nothing happened. It's pretty cute... for now. Elliot also throws fits sometimes, but his are FAR less cute.

Buying ... nothing, but if they had it their way, probably all the goldfish and multigrain cheerios in the world. They just can't get enough!

I am currently...

Borrowing nothing, really...  but I should be borrowing library books! I'm sad to admit that in the almost two years that we've lived here in Texas, I haven't borrowed a single book :( That makes me sad, guys! I checked out books from the library on post in Arizona all the time! I just haven't had the time to read, lately. Now that I finally have some free time in the evenings, since the boys go to bed pretty early,  I've been using those couple hours to relax with my husband or get online. Hence my recent blogging streak!

Dancing with Elliot while I clean. In the mornings, when I get down and dirty to vacuum, scrub the floors, etc (and let's face it, I have to do that every day because toddlers are messy) I put on a music choice channel on TV and we all boogie. Elliot gets excited when I get out the vacuum now, because he loves when I chase his silly little dancing butt around the living room with it.

Building up my music collection- again. I've gone through three laptops in the last six months, so I lost my music a few months ago. Well, thanks to flvto's music downloader, I'm slowly building up my music library again! And that makes me one happy woman, because I can't live without my music. 

Throwing away a whole bag of trash a day. I don't know how we do it, but somehow we are filling up a whole kitchen garbage bag each and every day. It's nuts! I need to invest in some eco-friendly garbage bags. Any recommendations? 

Buying a lot of new bras. I've always had small boobs but MAN! Since Emmett is only nursing once or twice a day now, and only in the evenings, all the bras that I bought while pregnant with him no longer fit. It seems like my boobs are smaller than ever! I remember reading somewhere that the fat cells in your breast tissue are replaced with milk glands, and that the fat cells don't return until several months after weaning. Untl then, I guess it's back to an A-cup for me, lol! Oh well... at least I don't have to worry about sagging boobies when I get older ;)


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  1. Allison O'HernMay 30, 2013 at 12:15 PM

    About garbage, I don't know how feasible this is for you, but we just use the paper grocery bags we get each week in our trash, if we need to throw something out that is liquid, it goes into a plastic grocery bag. We haven't bought trash bags in over 3 years :)

  2. Do you do recycling there? I used to go through bags a lot but now that I have a recycling bin to put out every other week, I have maybe 2 bags of trash at most. Also, my boys borrow the same way :). And if you don't want A cups anymore... you can take 1 cup from me so I can be a C again :). Haven't nursed in 6.5 months (bf issues) and they haven't shrunk... they haven't been Cs since 2008- early 2009.

  3. the local recycling definitely leaves something to be desired :( they don't distribute bins, and since we currently live in an apartment and have a toddler + a baby, there's nowhere safe to store our recyclables. Plus we have to drive 40 mins to drop them off!

  4. interesting idea! I'm not sure how well that would work with my boys, though. Emmett is obsessed with trying to get into the garbage. Maybe we'll try it, though!

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love your blog, definitely a new follower. I tried to reply to your comment but your email isn't linked to your Google account. Glad I found you though! As far as the bras go, I definitely agree. I still have lots of baby weight to lose, so I'm still HUGE in that department, but I do feel "emptier." Like, not as firm, you know? Sad day.


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