Friday, May 17, 2013

Fab Friday

What's fab in our lives lately:

Dieting & Eating Right: Aaron recently went on a diet, and I seized the opportunity to scrutinize the whole family's diet, too. We are now mostly eating the same things he's eating- lots of fruits and veggies, yogurt, cheese, rices, some healthy Kashi snacks, etc. I'm already feeling better and I LOVE it. We plan to eat mostly fresh, preservative-free food in Costa Rica, too... so I figured, why wait? Let's start now! So glad I made that choice.

Warmth & Sunshine: it's supposed to be in the 90's through the end of the week, and we absolutely CANNOT get enough of that heat and sunshine. Seriously. The boys simply adore going outside so we have been going on lots of outdoor excursions... everything from simple walks, to hikes, to trips to the lake/river or sandbox/playground adventures. We love it. Please stay nice and warm, Texas.

Emmett is WALKING: Emmett has been walking for a little while now, but he's just recently really taken off, in fact, I think I would venture so far as to say that he is starting to walk more now than crawl. I don't know what is much cuter than a baby toddling after you on two feet, or watching him follow his big brother around... it's adorable. It melts my heart. It's also a little startling, though... my boys are growing up! Ahhh! When did that happen?

Wildflowers: Grass doesn't grow too well in our area of Texas, so usually all you see is a lot of scraggly dried up grass and/or weeds. But right now, wildflowers (or as my husband calls them, pretty weeds) have sprouted up all along the sides of the roads- even the highway medians are bursting with flowers in every shade of purple, blue, or yellow you could imagine. I don't care if they're just weeds... they're lovely!

Blogging again: because, let's face it, I wouldn't be able to ramble about all these things without this little blog. I recently returned from a long hiatus. I came back because suddenly, I really missed blogging. So I'm not planning to disappear again anytime soon. I look forward to continuing to catch up on all of my favorite blogs!

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