Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day at the zoo

As promised, here are a few pictures from our Mother's Day trip to the zoo. Unfortunately, I completely forgot that I had cranked up the ISO on my camera to take a few shots inside one of the herpetariums. I forgot to switch it back, and it was super sunny, so the majority of my pictures were completely washed out. I still managed to get a few that I liked, though.

Emmett rode in the stroller for a bit, but he much preferred to be in our fantastic Boba carrier.
Elliot's best friend, Trenton (and his family) came along to celebrate with us- moms got in free for Mother's Day... which we didn't know until we got the door. Nice perk!

One of Elliot's favorites- "aggagators!"


  1. I have done that way too often - I'll forget I bumped up ISO or shutter - and snap 10-15 pics when walking in or outside - only to find out later it looks like an atomic bomb went off LOL - everything is bright white light. OOPS! And here I thought how great those shots were going to come out! Hahaha! I love the first picture by the way - beautiful!
    Last year we went to the local zoo and mother's got in for free too - so awesome! I love those perks!

    And that carrier looks like the one we just bought- we got a beco b/c we could use it when Tyler is a newborn - many of them you're not able to. I can't wait to use ours. It looks so comfy! :)

  2. LOVE our Boba 3G... it's the best. I got a Boba Air too for travelling and it's amazing... so easy to roll up and shove in my purse :)

    Emmett's eyes in that first picture are incredible!


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