Saturday, May 18, 2013

new name for a new chapter

Well, after a small catastrophe yesterday, when I realized that my blog had downright disappeared, we now have a new blog name and url. Welcome to "she follows the sun." I've been thinking about changing this little blog's name for awhile because:
1- if you search "Here Comes the Sun" on Bloglovin, it came up with 75 results, and
2- as attached as I was to the name (afterall, this blog was known as Here Comes the Sun for 3+ years!), I wanted to find something that better reflected the new direction I'll be taking... with the blog and life in general.

So the fact that I forgot to renew our old domain was the little push in the right direction that I needed.

Since the blog was originally named after a Beatles song, and because I just love their creative lyrics/song titles, I decided to browse some of their albums to see if anything popped out at me. And I kid you not, the minute I read "I'll Follow the Sun" and then tried out, "She Follows the Sun," I just knew. It was perfect! It fits the whole "wandering mama" theme, especially since the countries we plan to live in and explore are all in sunny, warm Central America. And it's no secret how much I love the sun/sunshine. Seriously- I couldn't live without it. Getting stationed in Texas, where it's 80+ degrees over half the year, was the best thing the Army ever did for us. Added bonus? It's not too radically different from our old title.

So that's it- that's our new name... and I'll admit it, I'm in love with it. And I think "I'll Follow the Sun" is a pretty lovely song, too...


If you haven't heard, Google Friend Connect is supposed to be ending soon- so let's find eachother on Blog Lovin before it's too late!

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  1. I was wondering where you went to!! Love the new name, love love love The Beatles!

  2. thanks! glad I'm not the only one ^_^


“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”
-Dr. Seuss