Thursday, May 16, 2013


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THIS WEEK'S THEMES: hoping, reading, wearing, making, planning

Elliot and Emmett are currently...

Hoping to go to the choo-choo park. There is this awesome park in Temple, TX where you can take pictures with/on old trains and railroad cars, and they have this awesome wooden train playground... they pretty much lose their minds every time we go, since they are both currently obsessed with trains. 

Reading Dr. Suess books. Elliot has insisted on reading the same book, "Are You My Mother?" every night before bed for the last two weeks. For the month before that, it was "Go Dog Go." Well... at least he's predictable?

Wearing long pajamas... because Texas weather is bipolar. There were deadly tornadoes in northern Texas yesterday, and although we were under a severe thunderstorm/tornado watch, thankfully the only thing the storm blew in was a little chilly morning air. Since Emmett insists on playing out on the balcony half the morning, long pants and sleeves it is! (It is currently 72 degrees... which isn't that bad, but it sure feels cold to us wimpy Texans!)

Making me laugh. Emmett is really off and walking now, and to Elliot's dismay, his new favorite thing to do is follow his brother around (on two feet) while squealing at the top of his lungs from the sheer excitement of the fact that he can walk now, too! He always wants to do everything his big brother can do, so I imagine he must be pretty thrilled at his latest accomplishment. Elliot, however, is less than thrilled...

Planning to go to the choo-choo park this week, if Daddy comes home early one day.

I am currently...

Hoping to go grocery shopping tonight or tomorrow... we need to restock on fresh fruits & veggies for our new diet.

Reading sadly... nothing. I haven't had time to pick up a book since {gasp} Emmett was born. But now that they've settled into a nice, predictable routine, I plan to start reading again soon. I have no idea what book I want to read first, though. I'm just excited to start turning those pages!

Wearing jean shorts for the first time in over a year, my friends! I finally bit the bullet and went out and bought myself some jean shorts that actually fit my post-baby body. Yes, I had to go up a size (or two). But what matters is that they look good, and I feel comfortable in them. Wearing clothes that fit is much better than trying to squeeze my booty into shorts that barely button...

Making a list of 101 of my favorite songs (which is #68 on my day zero project)

Planning to have a really great weekend spent eating lots of healthy food and getting out for a couple family walks/hikes. We will also visit the local Rabbit Fest fair, where we will be able to do more walking but will also be tempted to eat all sorts of Texas-sized, fried treats... yikes. 



  1. I'm not reading anything right now either, other than blogs! If I search how to induce labor one more time I will go crazy! lol

  2. I'm very jealous of your choo choo park. My son would LOVE it!!


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