Sunday, September 12, 2010

best news ever!

My husband's commander gave him permission to stay the WHOLE TIME Elliot is in the NICU! We've both been operating under the assumption that he would have to head back to Korea about two weeks after he was born, so this is such great news. It will be so much better having my husband by my side during such a rough time.
Things really seem to be looking up for my little family of three.
Hopefully, this little boy will cooperate and wait until Aaron gets here, on December 14th, to make his grand entrance. I'll be 37 weeks then.

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  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! That's awesome news!

  2. Good!!! I definitely started crying when I read this post. What a relief for you.

  3. Yayy, that's so awesome. I'm so happy for you!!

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  5. Fantastic news Jess! I really hope Elliot doesn't have to stay in the NICU long at all but what a blessing to have your husband home to support you and your little man!

    I know every baby is different and they won't know better until he is born but have they said yet about how long you can expect him to have to be in the NICU?

    If you want to, add me on facebook :)!/profile.php?id=662625542

  6. that truly is wonderful news! I am so happy for you :)


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