Thursday, September 16, 2010

The cloth diaper dilemma

I've been doing a lot of cloth diaper research lately.
There are SO many options out there, and I just want to make the right choice for my baby and my lifestyle.
Originally, I planned on using pockets (BumGenius or Fuzzibunz) but I have since changed my mind. I'm moving more in the direction of using Cloth-eez prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers and covers.
Why? Well, they're simple to use, cheaper, they wash and dry quickly and easily, less bulky, and (from what I've read) they leak less. I love that you can simply wipe the cover clean and reuse it for multiple diaper changes. This cuts back on expense (less covers to buy) and laundry (less to wash). You can fit more into a diaper bag, as well.
The brands I plan to try:
Thirsties Duo Wrap
Bummis Super Brite
I'm having a hard time deciding between the three. I plan to try them all, but I'm a pretty "all or nothing" type of girl. I'd really like to have one big stash of ONE type of diaper.
What kind of cloth diapers do you prefer?

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  1. I don't have first hand experience as no baby yet, but a good friend of mine had a little guy earlier this year and went with prefolds for the same reasons you mentioned and hated them. They weren't as easy to use as it seems, she couldn't get them to fit her baby properly. She is now building up a stash of BumGenius that she likes much better.

  2. I've told you before, but now I'll post it on the "appropriate post". We use BumGenius 3.0s. I really like them. I like the improvements they've made in the 4.0s, but not enough to buy a new stash!

    There's a store called Hopscotch in Grand Rapids (Cherry St and Lake) that has cloth diapers. Maybe you can stop in someday you have an appointment here. Sometimes it's nice to touch and feel the diapers before you buy them.

    I didn't, and just ordered most of mine from Abby's Lane. Super-fast free shipping and no tax is nice!

  3. Oh, and another thing about prefolds. I've heard watching youtube videos about different folds helps a lot!

  4. I wanted matching ones too, one system, etc. But, my midwife convinced me to get a mix/match set of a few different types. Babies legs/tummy will grow different and at times different diapers will fit better. This made sense so now I've got a mix of BumGenius, Flip, Thirsties, and GDiapers ... hoping it all works out!

  5. I really love the bumGenius all in one's but I also just got the Thirsties Duo Wrap diapers, so far so good. I wanted to let you know I have an awrd for you. I love your blog!

  6. We are going to be going with gDiapers. I just posted my cloth diaper post tonight. :)

  7. A friend of mine used BG 3.0s for her first daughter. For their second daughter, the first was still using the BG, so they used prefolds with Bummis covers. They really liked them and kept using them for a while after the first daughter was potty trained.

    I really can't compare BG to anything else, because it's all I used! I've toyed with the idea of using prefolds on our next child because Tillie couldn't wear the BG until she was 4 months old. We'll see what happens when that time comes!

  8. I have to say that I reeeally am a Bum Genius one-size fan. The fit my son well, they rarely leak (I use both the large microfiber insert they come with as well as a large HempBabies insert in them at night), and they are really simple to use. I would most likely use them again if I have more babies, although I am curious to try a gDiaper (I really don't have a reason to switch brands, I just think the gDiapers are

  9. We use gDiapers with Clotheez and also the regular gCloth and gDisposable inserts for on the go. I think Clotheez are bulkier, so I would recommend going down one size (using newborn for small, etc), but that's just my opinion. We're using small with the small covers and I have to fold them in half. That said, she's only pooped in the Clotheez, and we've still never had a blowout. Perhaps ask moms who used your brand, maybe they didn't have the same bulkiness problem.

    Many people do suggest buying several types of covers. I'm actually glad I only bought one brand because every type has its own assembly quirks, and only having to deal with one has simplified things.

    I do love gDiapers for the fact that they don't get soiled after every use.

    Good luck, there is so much information out there, and with everyone having an opinion, it can become overwhelming to know what to buy!

    One other suggestion: use disposables for the first few weeks until baby's system normalizes.

  10. I am not much help, because as much as I love these new cloth diapers...I still use the traditional white terrycloth squares! I used them with my first (who is now 8) before using cloth was at all popular, and so I went with what I knew (and what was cheap!) when I had Manny :) They are super cheap and super easy to clean and dry so fast!

    But, as many people tell me, I'm a bit old school :)

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