Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I just talked to the head nurse practioner on the NICU staff. She informed me that the best clothes to bring would be sleep gowns, preferably ones with snaps on the shoulders, so that all the various cords, tubes, and lines can go in/out easily. She also said to come armed with MANY- bright green spitup and a malfunctioning digestive tract leads to multiple outfit changes a day.
Does anyone know of anywhere I can find more sleep gowns? The NICU is already going to seem so sterile that I'd like to make his area as cozy as possible... with bright blankets, fun sleep gowns, toys, pictures, etc.
I found a few gowns that I love, below, at BabiesRUs, and I've found a few others but... really, I'm not having much luck.

Kalencom gownKalencom gownOrigins Organic gownOrgins Organic Gown

As always, votes are appreciated. What better way to raise awareness for such a rare condition as gastroschisis?
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  1. vampielinred (from LJ)September 15, 2010 at 10:52 AM

    You could always try etsy and/or try to get some made there...

    I would, however, suggest bringing just a few to start out with. It's hard to know what kinds of clothes the baby will need while in the NICU because sometimes they need to keep them naked/diapered (for temp control) or conversely swaddled really tightly, so it would be a shame to buy/bring a ton of sleep gowns and then realize they didn't fit, you weren't going to be using them all that often, etc. I think starting out with these few from BabiesRUs could give you a small stash, then possibly you could order more once you knew what the baby's more specific hospital needs were going to be.

  2. Sorry I can't help. I wanted to get some gowns and I have had such a difficult time finding any.

  3. Target had some, we put them on our registry just recently. Oh, and I voted from you!!

  4. Etsy and Target- good suggestions. Elliot won't even be WEARING clothes until after his surgery, but who knows how much shopping I'll want to do after that, so I'm just trying to cover my bases with some basics for now. :)
    And thanks for the vote!!

  5. Have you tried Target? If you have a Macy's near you, try them too. Most of the Macy's have a pretty good children's department. Also, I was told Burlington Coat Factory (not sure if you have one by you) has a "Baby Depot" in their store. May wanna check that out too!

  6. do you have a khol's near you? I think they sell some...and of course Target. We got some as gifts, but I'm not sure where they came from. The ones you have pictured are so cute!

  7. could you just wear a t-shirt you really like but get it in a big size?

    If you get an XXL or something it should cover you up and be roomy enough to stretch around in?

    We have this great pj shop in Aus called peterallexander. They have a factory outlet near my place that has their pj's for so so cheap.

    I think i'd like to feel pretty in hospital.


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