Saturday, September 4, 2010

Improvising at it's best.


We're spending the day at the beautiful city of Traverse City, Michigan today- and unfortunately, it's cold and rainy. Even worse- my new maternity clothes haven't showed up in the mail yet. Left with no other choice, I improvised. I combined a pair of leggings, a blue sundress, and a white cardigan- and NONE of these are maternity.
The bump is getting pretty big, these days!


  1. You look adorable. My belly looked like that at 10 weeks, lol.

  2. Very cute! You did a great job improvising!

  3. hi.. just blog hopping.. u look great.. but if you're looking for more maternity clothes, you can check us out.. =)

  4. ok, this is pretty dang good for improvising. you look SUPER cute :)

    just wanted to let you know i have a new blog badge... you can replace the old one if you want!

    looking good girly!

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