Thursday, September 2, 2010

What's in a name?

I'm having the hardest time deciding on baby names.
Naming a child is such a big responsibility. A name is forever!
And of course, it seems like almost every name that I like either has an annoying association (Maisey the Mouse, Elsie the Cow, Marley the Dog, Noah's Ark, etc) OR an absolutely ridiculous meaning. I once considered the name Avery, which I think is really pretty, but I nearly died when I read the meaning: Elf Ruler. Really?!
Please note: My name is Jessica, which was the number ONE name the year I was born. I absolutely hated having four other Jessica's in my kindergarden class, so I've ALWAYS said I wouldn't pick a popular name for my child. I'm in LOVE with the name Noah, but it's dangerously close to being the #1 name for 2010. GULP! I don't even know why I still have it on my list, to be honest.
So, here's my name list. NONE of these middle names are set in stone- so if you have other suggestions (particularly for Oliver and Reid), please share!
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My personal favorites right now are Maisey and Oliver. I'm really starting to like Reid, too.

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  1. I love Maisey(Maisie) and Elsie. Have you thought about having full names for her to fall back on? Sometimes it's nice to have a more "professional" name for job applications or the such when they're grown.

    A friend of mine is considering Mae. If I had a daughter named Mae, I would totally call her Maisie. Maisie is traditionally a nickname from Margaret, but you could get it from any 'Ma' name.

    My favorite Elsie name is Elspeth, but I can't convince Tim to use it. Elisabeth, Elsa, Elise, etc could all be used.

    Noah is pretty popular, and it's starting to be used for girls. (I know, sad.) Do you like Nolan? Another friend just had twins named Nolan and Kathryn.

    Well, those are my first thoughts. I adore talking about and researching baby names. Happy choosing!

  2. I love your name choices!!! Noah is super cute, what about Jonah it is similar, but I do not how how popular it is? Maisy is too cute :) And I can totally relate my husband does the exact same thing, always a comment for every name I throw out, but really not too many suggestions :/ I'm fustrated!!

  3. I agree with Amber. Maisie is cute for a little girl but I don't know if at age 30 it would mesh as well in the professional world, though it's an adorable nickname. I agree about maybe giving her a more formal name and then calling her Maisie? My name is Jacqueline but i've gone by Jackie my whole life. I enjoy having the option though of using my full name if i wanted.

    I really like the name Hadley, Finnley and I liked Avery too - i've heard other meanings for it as well. And all the boy names were ADORABLE! Good luck picking!

  4. I love Finley (Finn), super cute and very unique!

    Dominic and I just discussed the name Reid last night. I think it made our list too!

  5. I love Finley (Finn), super cute and very unique!

    Dominic and I just discussed the name Reid last night. I think it made our list too!

  6. Maisey- pronounced like Macy? I really like all of your choices I think Finley and Oliver are my favorites. I LOVE OLIVER!

  7. I absolutely LOVE the name Oliver. Unfortunately my husband wouldn't consider it as a name choice. I really like Maisey too. Good job!

  8. Wow margaret sounds like a beautiful way to lengthen Maisie and when she gets older she could be Maggie or Maisie or Margaret or Marg when she is an old lady.

    I really like your names.

    The name Charlotte is a pretty name for a first name too.

    Oliver is awesome. I like that one. Its number 2 on my list.

    Noah is a nice name but yes so popular. You could go for his son Shem, Micah, Jesse, Jeremiah (Jem) if you wanted a biblical name.

    Finn is also lovely but I only know boys with that name.

    Good luck choosing!

  9. OMG, can I just tell you...

    1) I'm a Jennifer. Like you, there were at least 5 in my class and whenever anyone called "Jenn" I always responded with "Jenn, me?" Ugh.

    2) I will never have a child with a popular name (unless it becomes popular after I pick it of course!)

    3) Reid Joseph is my #1 boys name.

    4) Hadley is my #1 girls name.

    5) I think you know what names I voted for ;)

    Oh, and Brynn & Carter are good names to add to your list ;) Totally kidding! Kind of...


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