Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I am going to freeze to death this winter.

Or at least, I was.
I've been living in athletic shorts, maternity shorts, and maternity tank tops all summer long. Now that's fine and dandy, except that I live in Northern Michigan- before we know it, we will be buried under four feet of snow, and we won't be able to see the ground again until April or May.
The weather here is just bizarre. The last two days it was in the 90s and sunny- and today it's cloudy, rainy, and cold. So as I stared out the window at the decidedly ominous sky, shivering, I came to the following (startling!) realization: "If I don't buy some new clothes, I am going to freeze to death this winter."
I normally don't like shopping for clothes online, because I like to try things on. But I forced myself to do it. After some wondering about what sizes to buy, and why so many pregnant women dress like my grandmother, success!!
I made some purchases I am happy with- mostly because they are really no different than what I would normally wear all winter long- leggings, tunics, and long sweaters, mostly. Except they just so happened to be maternity.
Honestly, I felt a little guilty. I would much rather be buying things for the baby than for me. {I did a little of that, too} But... I suppose I can't just run around naked all winter long, now can I?
Most of my purchases were at Motherhood and Old Navy Maternity
Where do/did you find most of your maternity clothes??

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  1. Last winter I waited until there was actually snow on the ground before deciding to buy a maternity winter jacket. BIG MISTAKE! Apparently most pregnant ladies think further ahead than me and I had a terrible time finding one.

    Gap maternity has some nice stuff that doesn't look so much like mom clothes....

  2. I would say 75% of my maternity clothes came from Gap. I bought a lot of J. Crew (I work there) tees in size XL. The rest came from Old Navy or Target. :)


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