Saturday, October 9, 2010

I ventured out into the world today!

I actually got off the couch for a bit today and got my hair cut :) I figured I've been doing enough lounging and water-drinking and deserved a little break. Not to mention the fact that I was WAY overdue for a trim.
I can't seem to find my camera, so I made do with my brother's ipod touch.
You like?
Only 12 days until I know whether or not Elliot will be making his grand entrance ridiculously early.
And thank you ladies, for the prayers, support, and encouragement! I really appreciate it. Hopefully, if enough people hope and pray... he'll take a hint and stay put longer.

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  1. i love your hair, so cute!!!

  2. Cute! We all need our days of pampering from time to time. :)

  3. love that hair girl. so nice to get out of the house.

  4. Lookin' good, Mama!

  5. Love it! Bet it felt so good to get out an have that done

  6. your hair looks great! Glad you got out for a while!


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