Friday, October 22, 2010

Let the waiting game begin!

Well, I'm home, finally.
I swear, that was the longest NST ever. They had a really hard time finding his heartbeat. As usual, Elliot just did not want to cooperate. Overall, he did pretty well. His heart rate had some fluctuations, but he passed so that makes me happy.
Turns out, my fluid levels actually aren't any better than last time- which makes them think that something big may be happening sometime soon.
My OB called my perinatologist in Grand Rapids, and after some discussion they decided to let me "ride it out" until my next ultrasound down there, which is on November 4th. But the doctor advised me to have a bag packed, just in case.
And the waiting game begins!
Thankyou so much for all the prayers. We sure seem to need them lately! This kid likes to keep me on my toes!
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  1. thanks for the update. i'm just glad nothing "big" happened today! i'm thinkin of ya!

  2. So thankful that E passed his NST and that they're not making you go in again until your next visit. Still praying daily for more time for him to grow in the belly!


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