Friday, October 22, 2010

Your Three Words

Snow in October.
Yes, you read right, my friends. It actually snowed all day yesterday. Now, some of you (particularly those who live down south and are still battling the heat) might think of this as a good thing. But to a person who has spent one ten too many winters up here in northern Michigan, this is anything but good. Winter lasts about eight months here. EIGHT months. I don't care HOW much you like making snowmen and playing in the snow and baking cookies and snuggling up next to the fire with a good book... almost anyone would get cabin fever after a winter that long. And it looks like it's starting early this year! Oh no!


  1. Oh my! I do look forward to snow every year, but all day long already? I'll wait 'til November, please. :)

    Your layout is so cute.

  2. snow already! that is awful! I'm not a big fan of snow at all...I only like it for about a day and only if it gets me out of work :)

    Remind me never to move up north. The fall is my favorite so I'll stay right where I am for now (NC) so I can enjoy it

  3. oh - and I love your new background :)

  4. looks like fun... except if you dont like the cold!

    It actually snowed at my parents house the other day.. in Australia.. in the spring!

  5. I live in Colorado, so I can relate. No snow yet this year (well, not in Denver), surprisingly, but I am dreading its arrival none the less.

  6. YUCK! I'm in SE MI, so we won't see snow for a little bit longer. Stay warm!!

  7. Ugh I soooo agree with you! Winter is NOT FUN to me! The winters last about 8 months here in northwestern PA too. I'm sure it will start snowing here very soon :(

  8. Oh no! I absolutely hate snow... last winter in Philly was my worst nightmare... we kept getting 25-30in at a time and we had like 7 storms like that. Shoot me.

    Stay warm mama!

    PS- Love the new background!


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