Saturday, March 12, 2011

40 Days of a Healthier Me

Thanks to being on bedrest for seven months, and then Elliot being in the hospital, I haven't worked out in a long time. What I {really} want to do is run- but there's no way I can take Elliot out in the jogging stroller right now- not with all the snow we've been getting lately! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll stop snowing and warm up sometime soon, but since I live in Northern Michigan... it could be awhile.
In the meantime, I decided to try out Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I've heard so much about it and now I know why! Today was my first day- and she kicked my butt! It really is a great workout. I always do aerobics and skip strength, but this forces me to do both, which is good. And the best part? Each workout is only 20 minutes long- which is perfect for this new mama, since free time is a commodity lately.
It feels really good to be active again, and it goes along with one of my Lenten promises- to be more healthy. This year, I decided not ONLY to give up something bad {desserts and unhealthy snacks}, but also to start something new. First, I'm going to try to exercise more. Second, I'm going to take time to pause every day to think about what I'm thankful for. I'm not sure if I'll post this EVERY day, but at least every time I blog. :)
Today, I am thankful for: technology, which allows me to talk to my husband even though he's across an ocean, bathroom fans {which hum my son to sleep}, my supportive family, and motivational physical trainers- even if they're just on TV.
Are you giving up anything for Lent?


  1. I just got this DVD also, so excited to start it. I am also from Michigan, we might be neighbors LOL Good luck! Keep us posted on how you are doing!

  2. i've been wanting to try that workout video for a longgg time. let me know how it goes!

    bathroom fans {or any fan in general}are a lifesaver.

  3. I loved this workout! I did it hard core for aboutva month and then got a little slack when I went back to work. But finally getting into a good routine and need to start it up again!

  4. Jillian Michael's is horrible!!! She kicks my trash like it's no one's business

  5. i've been looking for a work out dvd and might give this one a try!
    Good Luck!


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