Thursday, March 31, 2011

two things

Folks, I have some big news:

1. I just found out that my husband is being deployed. For those of you who saw my angry tweets and facebook statuses a couple days ago, this explains why I will not be able to talk to him for so long. Prayers for his safety would be wonderful! {This isn't a HUGE change for us- we are still separated either way- I just liked knowing he was safe and sound at his base in South Korea.}

2. My DSLR is supposed to be here TOMORROW!?! Fastest shipping ever! I wish I could put into words how excited I am. Be prepared for pictures. LOTS of pictures.


  1. Aww I hope he comes back safe and sound and it doesn't seem too long for you.

    Also I was a mamarazzi when I first got my DSLR lol. I'm not sure if you've had one before but if you haven't I'm sure you'll love it! What kind are you getting?

    The Sweetest Life

  2. :( I'm so sorry. I hope that it passes by quickly for you. This is the hard part about military life. We're in the home stretch of my husband's deployment.

  3. I am so sorry Jess. Is this your first deployment? We are just about at the end of ours, so if you need anyone to rant or talk to, let me know!

    and yay! for the DSLR. I LOVE mine. :)


  4. Thanks, guys.
    This is our second deployment- well, he is already gone in Korea, so it's not that much different than things already are- we're still separated. It's just that he's not safely at his home base in South Korea anymore.

  5. Jess - I am sorry he is deploying. How will this effect your plan of him extending so you & Elliot could go live out there? Is that still an option?

    We are going through a deployment soon-ish as well but this is our first...maybe I can look to you for advice? :)

    What kind of DSLR did you get? I just got a Nikon d3100 in March...I love it so far!

  6. I'm so sorry, hun. I can't even imagine what that feels like :[ to have a deployed husband. I'm praying for his safety!!

    you will LOVE the dslr! they're fantastic. i'm still learning how to use mine.

    can't wait to see pictures!

  7. sorry to hear about your husband. praying for a safe return home to you.

    Love my DSLR camera...would love it better if I had time to learn how to use it...but auto works just fine :)

  8. Sorry about the deployment. My family thanks yours for your service.

    Which dslr did you get? I have a Nikon. I highly recommend the book Understanding Exposure, once you know your camera well. Have fun!!

  9. I'm so sorry he is being deployed. :(

    Yay for a new camera! I can't wait to see new photos. :)

  10. So sorry jess! he'll be safe and sound - don't worry! you are in my thoughts and prayers. btw, what kind of dslr did you get? i've been researching them lately and there are SO many options!

  11. I am praying for your husbands safety and THANKING him for his service to our country!


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