Monday, March 14, 2011

Well hi there, Mr. Smiley!

Yes, I finally caught it on camera- the SMILE!
Elliot has been smiling an awful lot lately- probably because he's been feeling much better. In fact, he's been eating 3 ounces consistently for a couple days now- with hardly any spit up and much less fussing.


What a ham
He likes to throw his arm up like that when he smiles. It's adorable.

Big grin!
How cute is that grin?! Drool and all... :)

Other big news: Yesterday, Elliot figured out how to touch the toys on his toy bar! I feel like that is a big milestone. So proud! He doesn't know how to grab them yet... so he just lightly touches them or bats at them wildly. There's no in between for this kid!

What's this?!


  1. my, oh my. that smile is just adorable!! {drool and all}

  2. Oh, that just makes me melt! He is so cute! <3

  3. Aren't those smiles the best?! Sigh. We have that seat, and Ethan does the same thing. He'll bat at them. :)

  4. How cute! What a precious smile :)

  5. how cute is that little smile1?!?! ahhhh love it

  6. Oh my goodness he is too cute!! His eyes get so big with his smiles!! Love it!

  7. Oh my goodness, his smile is adorable!! That 3rd picture is beyond precious ;D I'm looking foward to when Tallulah can actually touch her toys on the bouncer. She keeps trying but is just a little short, lol.

  8. he is absolutely adorable!

  9. he looks like he is waving hi!

  10. He's such an adorable little guy! Love his little grin.


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