Thursday, March 17, 2011


No cute festive pictures of Elliot yet- tomorrow we're flying out to Massachusetts for Saint Patrick's Day weekend, so I'm saving all of his cute outfits. :) We're Irish, so this holiday is a big deal in our family!
I'm REALLY excited- Elliot will be meeting most of his cousins, great-uncles and great-aunts, as well as his great grandma, great grandpa, and great-great grandma! I can't wait. Then of course there's the annual St. Patrick's Day 5k road race and the parade, too! Fun stuff.
Any tips for traveling/flying with an infant?
I have his travel system ready {which I will gate check} for toting him around the airport, and I'm also going prepared with a formula dispenser, infant tylenol, mylicon drops, plenty of pacifiers, distracting toys, his soothe & glow seahorse, and about 100 other things stuffed into my diaper bag. We'll be using chemical-free, flushable, biodegradable liners inside of our WeeHuggers and Flips covers during the trip for convenience. I just refuse to put regular sposies on him! :)
Wish us luck!
I'll be sure to post throughout the weekend via my iPad, which, by the way, I am LOVING so far!


  1. When I flew with my daughter, I made sure to have her suck on her pacifier on take-off and ensure that her ears pop properly. We flew across country and she slept the whole way.

    I want an Ipad so bad...maybe my bday..we'll see.

  2. so jealous of your ipad

    im gonna be checkin back on this cause we are going to disney in may & i wanna no some tips to! Im curious on how everything works..the car seat,base, stoller & stuff!

    its a whole new world to me with traveling outside the car!

    but it sounds like you already have alot of what I would think you would need!

  3. I traveled with my son at 3 mos.. we didn't need the carseat or stroller because my best friend had all of that waiting for us at the airport when we arrived so i don't think bringing it would be much of a problem for you. just get some help at the airport if you are traveling solo. they will be super nice to you. you sound like you have it all worked out though and just remember to BREATHE if things are hectic.. at the security they will make you take everything apart, he'll have to go through the metal detector by himself--i laughed at this thinking about my own 3 mo old but just do what they tell you and it will work out just give yourself a LOT of time.

    the way i traveled is with my moby wrap.. DS was all wrapped up with his paci and he did great as long as he was with mom or dad. he didn't scream cry or fuss at all. blessing!

    what liners are you using? brand? i am traveling in may but we are going international for a month and i am thinking about the 24 hr airplane ride .. i'll use my regular cd when i get to our destination, but for the airplane rides, i'd rather not use sposies...

  4. Amanda- I went back and forth on liner brands forever, because I wanted something absorbant, soft, and chemical free. I ended up going with Gro Via Bio Soakers. They're a little more pricey than some of the other options, but I think they'll be worth it. I just hope we don't have any leaks or blowouts. I've been spoiled with the cloth and haven't really had to deal with either of those problems!

  5. I flew with Aydan when he was just over 3 months. It was so easy! I was stressing for days before...but really...piece of pie!

    We took our car seat base and checked it and then took the actual car seat with us so he would have somewhere to sleep/sit while we waited for the airport. Which turned out to be a good thing because we were very delayed.

    We didn't have a full flight so they let us put his car seat in the seat next to us, but otherwise they would have checked it at the gate of us.

    During the flight, Aydan just slept the entire way! I was worried that we were going ot be those people with the screaming baby the whole time. Nope! not a peep out of him.

    Goo dluck and try not to stress because I really do think this is the best time to travel with them :)

  6. how about your baby bjorn?

  7. What brand of liners do you use? I'm currently having issues with what we've got, but I don't know where to look for other brands. Good luck with your travels!

  8. You'll have to let us know it goes! I'm terrified to fly for the first time with my baby. lol.

  9. Hey, Jess.

    Just checking to see how you & Elliot are faring; I haven't seen you on my reader lately so I wanted to see if everything was all right. :)

    I hope your trip went well.


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