Saturday, March 3, 2012

26 weeks!

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How far along? 26 weeks 1 day.
Baby’s Size: the length of an english cucumber- about 14" long and a pound and two-thirds.
Total Weight Gain: Not entirely sure, as I forgot to weigh in, but when I last checked, my weight gain had suddenly skyrocketed!
Bellybutton: it's juuuust about popped out. This is new to me- it never popped my last pregnancy.
Stretchmarks: still nada!
Maternity Clothes: other than a few tank tops and my bella band, I'm STILL wearing all of my regular clothes. I'm pretty proud of that fact!
Gender: another precious baby boy.
Movement: Sully has officially entered the "dance party" phase- where he kicks, punches, flips and turns enough to make my whole belly change shape. This is my favorite stage, when the movement is crazy, right before they start to get too squished in there to really do flip flops and rolls.
Sleep: Pregnancy when you have a 14 month old = the cure to insomnia. Still sleeping GREAT.
Symptoms: not a whole lot. If it weren't for my growing belly, I don't even feel pregnant when little Sullivan is sleeping. I am starting to get headaches again, but it's hard to tell if its from my allergies now that it's getting warmer or from being pregnant.
Food Aversions: none, really.
Food Cravings: ICE CREAM and dark chocolate, can't get enough!
Best Moments this week: date night. This is becoming a regular thing for us, because we have finally found a great babysitter and, well, we have to take advantage of this time while we can before Sully is born and Aaron deploys.
What I miss: Running and working out, lately. I'm so excited to get back into really good shape after this baby is born!
What I am Looking forward to: buying some more things for Sully. He's all set in the onesie and sleeper department, thanks to his big brother's hand-me-downs, but I still want to get him some new stuff anyways.
Milestones: Last week of the second trimester?! Seriously?!!!!

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  1. You look great!! I hope to get some "Mama of two" tips from you! ;-)


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