Monday, March 12, 2012

Luck of the Irish... or not?

I may be irish, but I certainly haven't had the best luck lately...

I'm about to tell you why you probably won't see anything like this in my house. Not anytime soon.

Last week, I finally got around to meeting two other super awesome army wives who each have 3 kids under 3 {so are basically my new heroes/role models} and set up playdates with them. I was really excited about this- because, a) it would give Elliot an opportunity to actually socialize with other babies his age... or, who am I kidding, other kids in general. He spends all his time with adults. and b) I was looking forward to picking those mama's brains for tips/tricks/etc about parenting kids close in age. If you read this post, you understand why this was so exciting to me.

WELL. Elliot chose the day after meeting said supermamas to come down with his first cold in 7 months... and apparently those germs were just gathering and strategizing over all that time because this is one WHOPPER of a cold. There is thick green mucus everywhere, he coughs until he can't catch his breath, his chest is rattly, and he refuses to eat, sleep, or do anything other than cling to his mama.

Elliot the last time he was sick... he looks like this now, only way worse.

So obviously we missed both of our arranged play dates. Boo.


THEN, on Tuesday morning, I fell down the stairs. Hard. Don't laugh! Have you ever tried carrying a screaming, snotty, sick child down the stairs before sunrise with a yowling cat weaving between your legs, no glasses on, and a baby belly knocking off your center of balance? Don't. It felt like I broke my tailbone, and I started having so many contractions back to back that I couldn't even tell them apart, so I decided to call my OB. Instead of reassuring me, she basically yelled at me to get my butt to Labor & Delivery immediately... so once we found a babysitter for Elliot, off we went. Seven hours later, after bloodwork, ultrasounds, and talking to several different nurses and doctors, they unhooked me from the NST and released me on strict orders to take it easy. My husband got the next day off to take care of Elliot and I, which was nice.
... and I thought, surely, nothing else could go wrong... right? WRONG.

Today, we found out that Someone hacked our checking account, stealing not only all of our money but also putting us almost a grand in the hole, for the second time in the last 6 months! This is AFTER we got a new debit card, changed all of our passwords, etc. So we are now in a battle with the bank, and as soon as everything is resolved, we will be switching banks... which is always a hassle.

Dear Leprechaun: please bring me my luck back.
Preferrably before St. Patrick's Day. Thanks.


  1. My goodness!!! You poor thing!! I'll be praying all gets resolved with the bank and I'm so glad everything was okay with the baby!!!! Prayers!!

  2. They say bad things happen in threes. But man oh man that sounds like a bummer. I've followed your lil' blog for a year now(on Google reader) and I've been meaning to leave a comment. I started following you when I was in the middle of my TTC journey and then I noticed you moved to Killeen, TX a few months after I started to follow you. I live in Killeen too. Born and raised, sadly.
    Anyhow, I just thought I'd say hi and I'm sorry for all of the crazyness going on. This too shall pass.

  3. Elizabeth is right, bad things happen in threes so hopefully you've met your quota for a while lol. Glad you're okay, try to take it easy and get the rest you need. I know, easy said than done when you have a little one lol.

  4. That is terrible!! Especially the falling down part! I messed my back up last week and have been in terrible pain since. I couldn't imagine being pregnant on top of it. They say there is always dark before the light, so hopefully things are turning around for you! :)

  5. Holy Crapola you poor thing! Most of all you are safe from that fall

  6. Just one of those things would have been awful on their own, all three is just downright terrible. They say bad luck comes in three though, so perhaps you are good for a bit? Hope things turnaround and you get a break.

  7. I am so sorry things are not going your way. Hopefully you get some amazing good luck!

  8. That picture of a sick Elliot breaks my heart.

    Definately had your share of bad luck so it has to be over now


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