Monday, March 26, 2012

getting ready for Sully

One of the wonderful things about having another baby boy (other than the fact that Elliot will have a brother so close to his age to grow up with!) is the fact that I don't really have much to buy.

However, there are a still a few things that I need want and several things to do. In fact, for some silly reason, this pregnant woman was up from 3-5am last night thinking about all the things I want to buy or have done before Aaron leaves. I had woken up to pee {oh the joys of being pregnant} and then, no matter how hard I tried, I just could not shut my brain off and STOP THINKING! It suddenly hit me that I'll be 34-35ish weeks pregnant when he leaves, and if Sullivan is anything like his brother, he could be born soon after that!

So, I decided to organize my thoughts into a blog post.

Shopping for Sully:

- new infant seat. This one isn't a NECCESSITY, because we kept Elliot's. BUT it is a little dirty and smells mildew-y from our shed. It has also been banged up on a plane a couple of times so I think I'd like a fresh start for Sullivan.
Graco SnugRide, pasadena {$71 @ Walmart}

- sling. I wore Elliot all the time as an infant and plan to do the same with Sully. I mostly used the bjorn with Elliot but would like to give slings a try while Sully is tiny.
Balboa Baby sling, lola {$59.99 @ Target}

- blanket(s). Elliot has recently grown very attached to "his blankie" so I want to get a couple special ones for Sully, too. :)
Birds in Bermuda minky blanket with satin trim {prices vary by size @ My Wooby and Me etsy shop}

Lime green chevron baby blanket {$36.00 @ Giggle Six Baby etsy shop.}

- more minky burp cloths I couldn't live without these when Elliot was small and spitting up all the time, so I want to add a few more to my collection.

minky burp cloths {$6.50 each @ Kemaily etsy shop.}

"Little Brother" onesies.

little brother onesie & big brother shirt {$18.00 @ Easy Edges etsy shop.}

-Disposable diapers. Cloth diapering has been going so well for us lately that we actually don't have any sposies in the house. I want to stock up on a couple bags for Elliot {for babysitters while I'm in the hospital} and a couple boxes of Newborn and size 1 for Sully. I don't plan on cloth diapering Sullivan until he is at least a few weeks old and until he fits into one-size diapers. Elliot should still be in cloth during that time, but I don't think I'll want to tackle cloth diapering TWO babies until I've gotten the hang of just caring for two babies in general and established a good routine. Who knows though, I might change my mind!

-Glider. For reading to & rocking Elliot in, and also for breastfeeding Sully. Haven't picked out a specific one yet.

-Nursing tanks + bras. I have a few bras I liked when I was nursing Elliot, but I need to get more- and I don't have ANY nursing tanks since it was the middle of winter when Elliot was born. Any suggestions on good brands would be great!

Things to Do {before Aaron leaves}:

- organize boys' closet
- change Elliot's bedtime routine/wean
- move & reinstall Elliot's carseat and install infant seat
- pack hospital bag
- set up pack & play next to our bed
- renew my military ID {current ID expires while he is deployed}
... I think there was more, but now I can't remember.

I have accomplished one of my goals- organizing the boys' closet! Yay! You should've seen it before... it was a disaster.

Some of Sully's newborn/0-3 sleepers on the left, some of Elliot's shirts on the right.

top shelf: tummy time mat, breast pump, bumbo, tub, baby bjorn (in tub), extra boppy
bottom shelf: crate full of cloth diaper inserts, receiving blankets, burp cloths, bibs, head support, crib mirror, frames that still need to be hung

Sully's newborn & 0-3 onesies. It'll be 100+ degrees outside by the time he's born, so I doubt he'll wear much else.


  1. I love those blankets!! Everything is soooo cute!! How fun to be back shopping in the itsy bitsy sizes :)

  2. I loved that I didn't have to buy much with this pregnancy either. Yay for two boys!! :) And it just dawned on me the other day that I should probably get this new baby his own blankets. Bennett is super attached to his so I had better get on that! Ha ha.

  3. When picking a new carseat, make sure you can adjust the straps from the front. It makes everything SO much easier.

    Do you have and Aden + Anais blankets? They're my must have for a summer baby.

  4. so exciting! He'll be here before you know it! I emailed you about cloth diapering - thinking about making the switch!

  5. yes, i'm getting a new carrier for baby #2 & it hit me when shopping for it that there will actually be a NEW baby around here to fill it. i guess i just never really thought about it since i didn't really think about getting new stuff.

  6. I loved my moby-style wrap for a newborn, and still use it with my almost 9 month old. You can get one fairly cheap if you make it yourself. Just go to the fabric store and buy knit jersey. You need 6 yards, then simply cut that 6 yards in half along the whole 6 yards. That easy!

    I see you have a feeding pillow, but if you ever wanted to try a new one, I love my My Brest Friend pillow. From everything I've read they're better than the boppy.

  7. You are really ready for little Sully by the looks of things! :). I really wish we'd had a tummy time mat as my son LOVED tummy time!

    My Bumbo saved me, too. I LOVED it! With the cloth diapering, play it by you say getting used to two in cloth could be overwhelming!

  8. I highly highly recommend getting a carrier like an Ergo over the Bjorn, it is much better for their little hips/legs.

    Also cloth diapering a newborn is so much fun, those little diapers are just SO cute. I loved it. :)

  9. I'm so sorry that Aaron is deploying :(. That's the part of being a military wife that just sucks. Even though it's expected, it's never easy. I'll be praying for you, but if there's anything else you need let me know.

    I absolutely LOVE the burp clothes that you posted about. I will be ordering some for sure. They're so pretty!

    I've been bouncing around all kinds of nb cloth diapering ideas. I really don't want to use disposables, but didn't like the look of my pocket diapers until C was several months old, and I'm certainly not going to spend a ton of money on a nb stash. I think I found a solution! I'm going to get kawaii baby covers ($4 each boo-yah!) with a microfiber insert (I already have a million, so no added cost there) and use a liner in between the cover and the insert. I experimented with this yesterday and it's so nice and trim! Plus you can't beat the price.

  10. Those are the cutest little onesie/shirt combo from etsy! Also, I'm sure it's fun getting to pull out some of Elliot's old clothes and get excited about them all again. It's amazing how fast they go through them and I always get sad when I have to put some of Damian's away.

  11. I love the birds in Bermuda:) super cute!

  12. Ditto what commenter Amber Lynn said!! Oh this post gives me baby fever- shopping and preparing is so much fun :)

  13. I agree with Samantha--- A beco, Ergo, or Maya Ring Sling is MUCH better than a bjorn--the bjorn just doesn't support baby enough and will hurt your back so much. Check out (join and then to shop go to Marketplace) there is a plethora of information and stuff to buy / talk about on there!

    You seem to be ready enough for little sully to join your family!

  14. Get a ring sling! the 'bag' types you show are not only uncomfortable but dangerous!!!


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