Friday, March 16, 2012

Elliot: 15 months!

FIFTEEN MONTHS?! I can't believe it. It's mind boggling, really. It truly blows my mind that my sweet baby boy is already fifteen months old.

This Month:
♥ Elliot weighs 22 lbs and is 31.4"
♥ he's wearing mostly 12 month clothing, with the occasional 9 month bottoms
♥ he still isn't walking on his own, but getting better at walking while holding only one of our hands
♥ he also loves to literally RUN back and forth through the house behind his push walker
♥ loves to "organize" and sort things- like our pots and pans, toys, etc.
♥ he wants to spend ALL of his time outside
♥ he will crawl upstairs and wait by the tub if you tell him it's "tubbie time"
♥ recently, out of the blue, he has become attached to one of his blankets. He always wants to rock in his rocking chair with it after he wakes up and brings it downstairs with him in the morning. I leave it on the couch usually and he will crawl over and lay on/cuddle with it every once in awhile.
♥ he REALLY loves to brush his teeth and we have to try to avoid the bathroom at all costs because if he sees the toothbrushes he flips out haha
♥ his only real word is still "baba". He starts asking for it whenever he is tired, and now also when he is thirsty, even though we don't give him bottles during the day and call his sippy either his sippy or his water
♥ he understands almost everything we say, though. If we ask him to get something, or tell him to do something, he will. He's really quite a sharp little cookie!
♥ he is still so darn sweet- loves to give kisses and hugs to anyone and everything
♥ he is very impatient and stubborn, and will SCREECH if he needs help/wants something. Usually, if you tell him to ask nicely, he will, though. It goes from "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!" to a nice soft, "ahhh?" PS: "ahh" is how he asks for something, usually while pointing at or banging on whatever it is he needs help with.
♥ he loves putting his shoes and socks on and if he sees you with them, will sit down and stick a foot out for you :)
♥ he also LOVES to "clean" by pushing the vacuum, mop, or swiffer across the floor. He knows which closet they are in and will bang on the door and ask me to open it until he gets what he wants.

Just a visual- isn't it amazing how much they change in so little time?


  1. Oh my goodness! He is so cute.

    I think after my son turned a year his hair grew like crazy too!

  2. Don't you wish we could tell them to stop growing? I can't believe how much his hair has grown - adorable!

  3. He is so stinking cute! And that hair?!?! Could he be any cuter! I can't believe he is getting so big, it just doesn't seem possible that they could be growing this fast does it?

  4. ADORABLE as ever! I LOVE your pics of him Jess. You catch such amazing shots of him. Your blog is my absolute fav! Can't wait for your new peanut!

  5. he just gets cuter and cuter every month! Can't wait til Sully gets here!


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